2009-06-04 / Local & State

Dr. Matthew Hahn Returns To Hancock

Will set up private practice with Dr. Marilyn Nelson

Dr. Matthew Hahn, former medical director at Tri-State Community Health Center in Hancock, Md., has announced that he will return to Hancock and will open a private practice on July 6 of this year. He will be joined in the practice by fellow family physician Dr. Marilyn Nelson. Their practice will be known as Hahn and Nelson Family Medicine and will be located at 131 N. Pennsylvania Avenue in Hancock.

Hahn's return to Hancock comes just 14 months after he left Tri-State Community Health Center in a dispute with the center's then-director, Leslie Colbrese. Hahn was dismissed as the center's medical director, and Colbrese is no longer with the center. Hahn's dismissal was followed by an outcry from his patients and citizens of Hancock and the surrounding areas.

Hahn is currently practicing at Shenandoah Community Health Center in Winchester, Va., but he says he wants to return to Hancock for several reasons. His first reason is that he says he misses his patients, but he also wants to fulfill his dream of operating his own practice. Hahn stated, "I'm very excited to be coming back to care for so many familiar patients. I've missed a lot of people. I've wanted to have my own practice for years, and this seems like the perfect opportunity. We're going to try very hard to provide our patients with the best care possible." Hahn told the "News" that when he practiced at Tri-State, about one-third of his patients were from Fulton County.

In addition, he wants to try out an electronic medical record system that he helped to create. The goal of the system, he says, is improvement in medical care by using an electronic reminder system. Hahn and Nelson Family Medicine will be one of the test sites for the system, which is called Oxbow EMR. "This software helps us keep better patient records, and even helps us make better medical decisions. The most important thing, however, is that it helps us be more efficient, so that we can spend more time doing what matters, taking care of patients," Hahn said.

Dr. Marilyn Nelson practiced medicine in Vermont from 1981 until relocating to western Maryland in 2007 to be more centrally located to her children, who now live in many different locations. "I am excited about the opportunity to practice quality healthcare in a smaller, more intimate setting. I have always enjoyed taking the time required to get to know my patients, which is hard to do in most practice settings today," she said. Nelson is currently practicing medicine at Tri-State Community Health's Cumberland office.

In order to be able to give better care to their patients, Hahn and Nelson plan on keeping the practice relatively small, and making average appointment times longer, so that patients can have more personal care. "We don't want patients to feel rushed. By keeping the practice smaller, we think we can take better care of people. We're going to limit the number of people," Hahn commented.

Hahn and Nelson Family Medicine will be accepting most insurances. Patients can call now at 301-678-7007 to begin to register and to schedule appointments for July.

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