2009-06-04 / Letters

Don't Lose Health Insurance Gamble

To The Editor:

Healthcare insurance is a bet, a gamble that you hope not to win. But if you are so unfortunate as to win, you want it to pay off (pay your medical bills). Unfortunately, quite often the rules change when you try to collect. You get too sick to work, lose your job and thus lose your health insurance, and Cobra is too expensive to keep. Or the health insurance companies find an obscure sign of a pre-existing condition in your medical records and your insurance is cancelled.

On June 11 a group is going to Harrisburg to lobby for a state single-payer system, a system where if you pay into it, you will not lose the gamble. It will pay off. Call 485-3386 or 485-5456 for details.

Ray Messick McConnellsburg

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