2009-06-04 / Letters

Farm Smell Puts Food On Tables

To The Editor:

I can relate with the farm smell all to well, for I am a producer of that smell. A fourth-generation farmer doing everything I can to continue putting food on the tables of a starving society. We continue to strive to use the most economical and environmentally sustainable practices available. The most practical solution for odor control would be to eliminate all dairy production, or to raise the price of our products by 300 percent. The cost increase could be justified as followed: 100 percent for the federal government to increase regulations on odor, 100 percent for lawyers to enforce the regulations, 95 percent to fund the projects in order to produce electricity ineffeciently, and 5 percent for the producer to achieve the unachievable. This would result in the bankruptcy of the dairy industry, no odor and Chinese dairy products. Now that is such an enlightment!

Ryan Richards McConnellsburg

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