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Farmers Just Trying To Make A Living

To The Editor:

This is in response to last week's letter to the editor "Farm Smell Overwhelming in the Borough."

I could not help but to feel distraught over this letter. I have seen all too close how comments and complaints have made it hard, or should I say harder, for small-town farmers to make it in such a world of ridicule. Fulton County is a small community surrounded by farms of all kinds. Sometimes I think some should take a step back and try to reverse the situation as "if the shoe was on the other foot."

Farmers are just trying to make a living as you and everyone else in the community does to support their families. In fact, farming is one of the most traditional ways in this community to make a living. Most just do not understand what it takes to sustain in the farming industry. I do not think for one second that any farmer is not "concerned about their neighbors" or their opinions. If anything it is the complete opposite.

I fully don't understand the comment that was put forth, but I just can't comprehend how any one farmer is destroying the property value of half the borough of McConnellsburg due to the smell of manure. And, yes, this smell might be unpleasant to some; however, some also might consider it nice country air. I'm sure if you did some research, you might find that many farms close to the borough have been in operation long before you resided in the borough. So maybe that was a mistake on your part.

This is only my opinion. I just don't understand what is so wrong with a person doing their job that is causing no personal harm to you or others. Situations like this, along with many other hurdles that farmers encounter daily, make it more difficult to survive in today's world as a small-town farmer. You just can't please everyone! Someone always has something to say. Will small-town farms become a thing of the past, and will we have to rely on factory farms? I hope not!

Michelle Lynch


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