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Layoffs Keep Coming At JLG

210 lose jobs here, 115 at Shippensburg
By Lindsay R. Mellott STAFF WRITER

The slumping economy brought more bad news to production workers at JLG Industries May 22 when 210 employees at the manufacturer's Mc- Connellsburg plant and 115 at its Shippensburg facility were told they were losing their jobs.

The layoffs are effective June 5 and June 26 for McConnellsburg employees and July 28 for workers at Shippensburg, according to Ann Stawski, vice president of marketing communications at JLG's parent company Wisconsin-based Oshkosh Corp.

The news came less than two weeks after a May 12 layoff that took jobs from 100 nonproduction employees at the company's North American facilities.

Stawski said the most recent layoff affected workers at all JLG's North American production facilities, not just McConnellsburg and Shippensburg, bringing the total number of new layoffs at JLG to 450.

JLG also has North American production plants in Bedford, Pa.; Orville, Ohio; and Oakes, N.D.

Since the company began downsizing a year ago more than 2,200 JLG workers worldwide have lost their jobs or about 50 percent of the 4,500 people JLG employed globally when Oshkosh bought the company in December 2006.

Layoffs at McConnellsburg during the same period total 1,071. Twenty-two hundred people worked at JLG when it was sold to Oshkosh.

Sixty of the 210 employees affected at McConnellsburg this layoff, Stawski said, work in military production. Two recent U.S. Army orders for military telehandlers totaling a little more than $37 million will bring them back to work in one to two months.

"We are looking for recalls of those employees in August and September," Stawski said.

The remainder of the layoffs Stawski characterized as "permanent."

Stawski said on Friday that intermittent shutdowns at all North American plants will begin in June and continue through the end of this fiscal year unless demand for JLG products picks up.

Although production has been significantly ratcheted back while JLG waits for a turnaround in the construction industry and the credit market to loosen up, product development continues to take place. Stawski said work continues on new products so that JLG is "ready when the market comes back."

JLG is still the market share leader in access equipment sales, Stawski said. "The company," she said, "is aggressively going after sales."

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