2009-06-04 / Correspondents' Notes


By Kate Berkstresser

The weather has been great so lots of folks are traveling. The high school seniors will be graduating this week. We send congratulations their way. Hope they have chosen future education or

a very benefitting career. Gwendolyn Aurand of Lewistown visited

with Grace Heefner one day last week.

Harriet Hill of Manheim spent a day with Kate Berkstresser over the weekend.

Sorry to hear Isabelle Miller had the misfortune of falling and injuring her leg and shoulder. We send speedy recovery wishes her way.

Glad to hear Marvin DeShong and Alton Tice didn't have serious injuries due to their accident last week.

Our sympathy is extended to the family and relatives of Ed Eisaman, who passed away on sunday.

Sideling Hill Parish Sunday event was held at Knobsville United Methodist Church, with Jody Robison presenting the program of her recent missionary trip to Sudan.

Keep Bill Henry in your prayers and also Shawn Knepper as these guys are having a rough time trying to make a recovery.

Henry and Cindy Knepper are grateful for the results that prayers have done for Shawn. Also if you go to the medical center take a few minutes to visit a patient there.

Garden hint: When harvesting your cabbages from one plant, cut them off but leave four outer leaves on each stalk. In autumn they will produce a small delicious cabbage for each outer leaf.

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