2009-06-04 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Sympathy goes out to the families of Helen Layton, George Henry Plessinger and Michael Taylor who all passed away last week.

Birthday wishes to Ruth Bain,

90 on June 1; Nancy Burke, May 27; Goldie Mellott, 82 on June 4; Stephanie Clevenger,

June 6; Ruth Dubb, June 3; Dave Newman and Dave Sowers, June 10; Linda Myers, June 7; Jean Weller, June 7; and Bill Gress, June 7.

The three school districts had their baccalaureate programs on Sunday night and will hold commencement this week. Congratulations to all the graduates and to all the students. Have a good and safe summer.

Stanley and Janet Mellott of here and Gerald and Wendy Marshall of Chambersburg recently enjoyed a week in the Bahamas.

Elizabeth Clippinger, a resident tin the Apron Tree Home in Spring Run, was admitted to Fulton County Medical Center last week. Also admitted was Ada Gress, who is now home.

Ed Brown of Clear Ridge is home after spending a few days in Fulton County Medical Center.

The invasion of Normandy (D-day) was 65 years ago this coming Saturday, June 6.

Kathleen O'Connor of Knobsville visited her daughter, Stacey Taylor of Pasadena, Md., and babysat her three granddaughters this week for a few days.

Nine children were confirmed in the McConnellsburg Methodist Church on Sunday, May 31. They were Jacob Boehme, Ian and Tristen Cheatle, Alex and Sarah Keaton, Abagael McGarvey, Katelynn Mellott, Forrest Plessinger and Siarra Sherman. Cooper McGarvey was one of five confirmed in the United Methodist Church of St. Thomas.

McConnellsburg Methodist Church had a great turnout and a successful night with their chicken potpie dinner and an auction following on the courthouse lawn.

Quotable quotes: An obstacle is something you see when you take your eye off the goal.

Congratulations to Dylan Gelvin from Forbes Road and Logan Peck from McConnellsburg, the local athletes making the Sideling Hill all-star baseball team. Honorable mention went to Devon Petty-John of Mc- Connellsburg; Josh Hall of Southern Fulton; and Derek Younker of Southern Fulton. The local girls named to the Sideling Hill All-Stars for softball were: Brooke Whiteside of Southern Fulton; Sam McQuade of Mc- Connellsburg; Keena Elbin of Southern Fulton; and Alexus Mellott of McConnellsburg. Honorable mention went to Megan Eichelberger of McConnellsburg.

It happened this week: The Mickey Mouse wristwatch was sold in 1933 and became an instant hit. As many as 11,000 were snatched dup at Macy's Manhattan department store in a single day. The timepiece cost $3 back then, today an original Mickey Mouse watch can fetch thousands.

Country shortcuts: Create a drop basket, fill with anything you need to take out the door in the morning, such as letters, library books, etc. Grab the basket and put it in the car.

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