2009-05-28 / Letters

Urges Support For Healthcare Bill

To The Editor:

I was interested to read the article in the May 14 issue of The Fulton County News about a group of local residents approaching the Fulton County commissienrs and asking them to support a state healthcare bill - The Family and Business Health Care Security Act.

I have worked in healthcare for the past 30 years as a registered nurse and have witnessed the decline in healthcare coverage by insurance companies. Even the excellent healthcare coverage I have had through my work over the years has become more expensive, more complicated and confusing and covers less. And I'm one of the lucky ones.

I think about the jars at the gas stations and 7-11s begging for money to help someone with their healthcare challenges. I think about the people losing jobs and their health insurance. Now more than ever it is an absolute necessity to rethink the way we provide healthcare.

There are 50 million people in this country without health insurance and many more who are underinsured. I have a friend who is self-employed, bought a health insurance policy that is very expensive for him, but he can't get a colonoscopy because it isn't covered.

Pennsylvania can help lead the way to healthcare reform now. Healthcare for all PA would provide quality healthcare for all. It is nonpartisan, is cost-efficient, and would allow everyone to choose their own doctor. The patient and physician would decide on a course of treatment, not an insurance company. Medicare supplemental coverage would not be needed.

I hope that the Fulton County commissioners will support the Health Care Security Act - Senate Bill 300 and House Bill 1660.

The Web site Healthcare for All Pennsylvania is http://healthcare4allpa.org. Carolyn Kligerman Warfordsburg

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