2009-05-28 / Letters

No Help For Falling Woman

To The Editor:

Whatever happened to Good Samaritans? Last week a woman fell and badly hurt the back of her head. This woman has arthritis in both legs and knees. As she was walking up the step into a beauty shop, her knee went out on her. She could feel herself starting to fall and called out for help. Two men were standing just inches away from her and didn't even try to help her.

This woman is a senior citizen. The point I'm trying to make is if a person is near someone who looks like they're going to fall, why wouldn't you at least try to help that person? Senior citizens deserve our respect and compassion. The two men who saw my mother fall may not have been able to keep her from falling but they could've tried. I'm not blaming anyone, but I think it's about time we start looking out for senior citizens and lend a hand when we can. Most of the people I know care about the elderly.

As for the percentage of people who don't have respect or compassion for the elderly, you should stop and think about how you would like to be treated when you reach that golden age. With the help of the Lord and all The prayers of her family and friends, my mother is doing well. She is very lucky. It will take time, but she will make a full recovery.

To the men who saw my mother fall, think about the fact that it could've been your loved one who got hurt. How would you feel if no one tried to help them when they called out for help? Let's take care of our elderly. They are people, too, and are just as important as you and me.

The Jack Buterbaugh family

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