2009-05-21 / Letters

Concerned About Gypsy Moth Spraying

To The Editor:

When I look back at my life 10 years ago, I must have been crazy. I wonder if it will take another 10 years for me to realize that I'm still in the dark right now? How do you know when you're at your peak intelligence level and you don't have any mistakes to learn from the hard way? I guess the scientific community knows. I sure hope they're not like me.

Can anyone say for sure that aerial spraying is not doing more harm than the gypsy moths themselves? How do you research that? I realize that much of science is a farce, but can we afford to be wrong? I've read that Bt is naturally occurring, but is it naturally across the top of the forest canopy? Fire is natural. Maybe we should set fire to the woods to kill the gypsy moths. I was surprised to read that Bt has been in use since the '50s on fruits and veggies, and it's not even making anybody sick. Maybe researchers are too busy trying to figure out what's happening to pollinating bees. Personally, I think that millions of text messages bouncing all across the country are driving the bees insane.

I can't help but to feel that gypsy moths can ravage our woods because our trees are crowded, unhealthy and not diverse enough, thanks to ourselves. Could we be setting ourselves up for disaster by preventing periodical thinning of unhealthy trees? What about those harmless butterflies and other moths? Is anything on this planet insignificant? I definitely do not know the answers, and I wonder if anyone really does. How can you know the future of your actions when every action changes the future? All I do know is that humans always have and probably always will screw up the delicate balance of nature that sustains our lives. Anything for prosperity or indolence. Ken Dermud Hustontown

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