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C. Fulton Proposes One Mill Increase

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

Anticipating increased expenditures next year in health insurance and special education, the Central Fulton School Board announced its intention last Tuesday of raising real estate taxes in conjunction with its 2009-10 tentative budget.

Following the recommendation of the district's Budget and Finance Committee, the board agreed on a 8-0 roll-call vote to tentatively jump real estate taxes by one mill from the current rate of 24.5 mills. Board member James Babinsack was unable to attend the May 12 meeting.

The change in millage rate, if adopted at the board's June 9 meeting, would equate to $2.55 on each $100 of assessed valuation of taxable property. According to Jolinda Wilson, business manager at Central Fulton, the decision was brought on by "significant increases" in several budgeted areas that also included increased tuition costs for charter school students.

The tentative budget, with the millage hike already built in, shows anticipated revenue in the amount of $13,717,011. Looking at the income side of budget, Wilson stated, the increase could result in an additional $155,455 to $165,377 in tax revenue coming into the district. The actual amount hinges on the collection rate, which for budgeting purposes is calculated at 94 percent.

In announcing the proposed increase in the real estate rate, board member Robert Snyder II, who is also a member of the Budget and Finance Committee, noted it was a hard decision to make in light of the current economy. However, he added, it was necessary to maintain the economic well-being of the school.

In other finance-related matters, the board gave approval to the 2009-10 general operating budget for the Fulton County Area Vocational-Technical School. The budget totals $892,820 with Central Fulton's share tallying $238,700.07.

As per recommendation of the Budget and Finance Committee, the 2009-10 extra- and co-curricular salary scale was approved as presented. In addition, employee sick days were increased from 10 to 21 effective July 1.

The following individuals were placed on the 2009-10 extracurricular salary scale:

• Heidi Johnson, varsity volleyball coach, $2,995

• Kathy J. Kendall, varsity volleyball first assistant coach, $2,720

• Ellen R. Wagner, varsity volleyball third assistant coach, $1,745

• Josh McKelvey, varsity boys soccer coach, $3,520

• Anne Marie Hollinshead, varsity boys soccer first assistant coach, $2,395

• William Kendall, varsity boys soccer second assistant coach, $1,845

• Tobias K. McGarvey, varsity girls soccer coach, $3,520

• Wade Mellott, varsity girls soccer first assistant coach, $2,720

• Drew Washabaugh, Allan Kaplan and Josh Strait, varsity girls soccer volunteer assistant coaches

• Rachel Lane, cheerleading advisor, $2,795

• Melissa Horton, drama assistant, $1,445. Personnel

Director of Special Education Ginger Thompson was approved to take maternity leave utilizing both accumulated sick and vacation days in accordance with the Family Medical Leave Act.

Ann Meyer of Warfordsburg was hired as the district's newest agriculture/science teacher beginning July 1. Meyer's salary of $52,436 plus benefits was accordingly set at step nine with permanent certification.

Mercersburg resident Jean A. Chilcote was appointed to the position of elementary teacher for the 2009-10 school year at step two (bachelor's degree), which equates to $40,296 plus benefits on the salary scale.

The board accepted a letter of resignation from Thomas J. Kormanski for the purpose of retirement. Kormanski, a fifthgrade teacher, will retire after completing the first half of the 2009-10 school year.

Dustin Fischer was hired as the Extended School Year (ESY) instructor at an hourly rate of $24.50. An aide will also be brought on board for the ESY program at $8.50 per hour.

Melissa D. Wilson and Nancy J. Harris, both of McConnellsburg, were added to the professional substitute list retroactive to May 7. Wilson and Harris' clearances are in order.

Solicitor James M. Schall was reappointed to his district position after it was mentioned his current term was set to expire on June 30. Schall's services were retained at a monthly rate of $550. He has served with the district since approximately 1978.

Jack D. Steele, D.D.S., will serve as the school dentist for 2009-10 and perform dental examinations for students in grades three and seven. The examination rate increased by 50 cents from its current rate of $2.50. In addition, Dr. Joanna Brady will continue serving as school physician next year at a rate of $8 per student physical. The examination rate remains at its current level.

The board also opted to accept reports from privately conducted physical and dental examinations as long as they are completed within one year of the student's entry into the grade level where an exam is required. The acceptance of these reports is included in Pupil Policy 209.

Staff members will be permitted to participate in the influenza vaccination program through Quaker State Medical Services. The district's school nurse will be contacted later this summer with the scheduled date for vaccinations. Cost to participate is $25 per person.


Following past practice, the board agreed to allow early dismissal on the last day of school. Underclassmen will be permitted to leave school on June 4 at 10 a.m.

Baccalaureate services were set for Sunday, May 31, at 7 p.m., and graduation for the Class of 2009 will be held on Thursday, June 4, at 7:30 p.m. Both services will take place in the middle/ high school auditorium.

A copy of the district's special education plan was presented for review to the board by Director of Special Education Ginger Thompson. The plan was submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education prior to May 31 and reviews issues such as behavioral support and inclusion plans over a three-year period.

Fifteen members of the Fly Fishing Club were scheduled to visit Cove Creek delayed harvest area in Big Cove Tannery on May 14. The trip will be taken at no cost to the district.


The elementary and middle/ high school handbooks were approved. The administration noted the handbooks will not include any major changes from the current 2008-09 school year.


Pending the receipt of credentials and clearances, April D. Richards and Stacy L. Green, both of McConnellsburg, were added to the district's bus driver list. Furthermore, Green will also be added to the van driver's list.

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