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Court Of Common Pleas Candidates Meyers, Krom Get Parties' Nod Here

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

After numerous speaking appearances locally and a strong door-to-door campaign, tentative elections results from the May 19 municipal primary in Fulton County show Court of Common Pleas judicial candidates Shawn Meyers and Angela Rosenberry Krom having secured the nominations of both the Democrat and Republican parties here.

Krom, who serves as a fulltime assistant district attorney in Franklin County, took 405 of the Democratic votes cast in county. Meanwhile, Meyers, an attorney from Mercersburg, garnered 378 Democratic votes. Waynesboro-based attorney Eric Weisbrod followed with 314 Democrat votes, and Timothy D. Wilmot garnered 175.

Registered Republican voters followed suit casting 681 votes for Meyers; 562 for Krom; 428 for Weisbrod; and 423 for Wilmot.

In combining Fulton Countys results with unofficial votes cast in neighboring Franklin County, which is also part of the 39th Judicial District, tentative numbers indicate that only Krom and Meyers will be listed on the fall ballot after having edged out Wilmot and Weisbrod for the nominations of both parties.

In other judicial races, Democrat Jack Panella received an uncontested 570 votes here for the justice of the Supreme Court. On the Republican ticket, Joan Orie Melvin, who made a speaking appearance at the recent spring dinner, edged out Paul P. Panepinto and Cheryl Lynn Allen. Melvin garnered 509 votes, while Allen and Panepinto had 441 and 136 votes respectively.

Area Democrats cast the majority of their judge of Superior Court votes for Kevin Francis McCarthy (318), Robert J. Colville (296) and Tom Munley (269). Fellow vote recipients on the ticket included Anne E. Lazarus (226), Paula Patrick (224 votes) and John Younge (112).

With only three judge of Superior court candidates to chose from on their ballot, Republicans cast the largest amount of votes for Judy Olson (746), who was followed by Sallie Mundy (603) and Temp Smith (529).

Democrat candidate Linda S. Judson took top votes in Fulton County for judge of the Commonwealth Court with 259 votes. Following Judson was Barbara Behrend Ernsberger (201), Michael D. Sherman (197), Stephen G. Pollock (160), Jimmy Lynn (94) and Daniel K. Bricmont (92). Republican Kevin Brobson secured 645 votes for the judge of the Commonwealth Court, and Patricia A. McCullough and Al Frioni had 571 and 298 votes respectively.

Locally, incumbent Magisterial District Judge Wendy Mellott ran unopposed on both tickets and took 313 Democratic and 413 Republican votes respectively.

Also unopposed, Democrat Brandon L. Fletcher received a total of 552 votes for the position of prothonotary. Republicans Patty Suders Fix and newcomer Lisa Mellott Skiles battled with Fix, the incumbent, coming out on top. Tentative results show Fix tallied 829 votes in comparison to Skiles' 504 votes.

Jury Commissioners Doretta K. Mellott (D) and Glenn Ford (R) respectively had 757 and 1,079 votes for their party's nomination.

For the Central Fulton School Board, both the Democratic and Republican parties will be nominating four individuals for consideration for a four-year term of office. Those receiving Democratic votes were Brent Carlson (271), Hollie L. Garlock (270), Eric S. Hollinshead (251), Ryan B. Richards (250) and Matt Wakefield (206).

As all school board candidates cross-filed, Republican votes cast for Central Fulton were tallied as follows: Hollinshead (394), Carlson (369), Richards (329), Garlock (316) and Wakefield (283).

Christopher R. Hann took the largest number of Democratic votes (246) and Republican votes (331) in seeking a two-year term of office with the Central Fulton School Board. Candidate Erika D. Hendershot followed with 169 votes (D) and 216 votes (R).

Voters were again given the option of nominating four candidates for their respective party in filling positions on the Southern Fulton School Board. On the Democratic ballot, Patrick L. Bard had 169 votes, which was followed by 153 votes each for Mark R. Mosemann and L. Allen Morton. Timothy L. Hull totalled 103 votes, and Edgar Yates received 83.

Meanwhile on the Republican ballot, Mosemann led fellow candidates with 273 votes, and Morton had 262. Bard rallied for 258, and Hull and Yates respectively finished with 182 and 170 votes.

Four vacancies exist on the Forbes Road School Board, but only two candidates were listed on the ballot for consideration this Tuesday. Stacie Lynn Keller had 192 (R) and 109 (D) votes, while Deonna Carmack finished with 201 (R) and 84 (D) votes. The final two nominations from both parties' will likely be decided by write-in votes, which were plentiful this municipal election. Write-in votes will be made available to the public following the computing of votes on Friday by the Board of Elections, who noted Tuesday's tentative election results do not include absentee military ballots.

Additional municipal election results are as follows:

Ayr Township

• Gary Hopkins (D), Ayr Township supervisor, 155 • Jim Smith (R), Ayr Township supervisor, 169 • Julie A. Shearer (D), Ayr Township tax collector, 140 • Kim Fisher (D), Ayr Township tax collector, 13 • Jennifer L. Knepper (R), Ayr Township tax collector, 56 • Anne M. Seville (R), Ayr Township tax collector, 49 • Inga J. Smith (R), Ayr Township tax collector, 32 • Kimberley D. Seiders (R), Ayr Township auditor, 213 • Pamela K. Glenn (R), Ayr Township judge of elections, 222 • Dora I. Lynch (D), Ayr Township inspector of elections, 150

Belfast Township

• Richard Harr (D), Belfast Township supervisor (6 yr), 45 • Thomas K. Morton (R), Belfast Township supervisor (4 yr), 103 • Gloria Jean Morton (R), Belfast Township tax collector, 138 • Carol F. Richards (D), Belfast Township judge of elections, 53 • Mary Hann (D), Belfast Township inspector of elections, 57

Bethel Township

• Ray E. Powell (D), Bethel Township supervisor, 39 • Debra Palmer (D), Bethel Township tax collector, 43 • Terri A. Staley (D), Bethel Township auditor (6 yr), 37 • Ruthann Golden (R), Bethel Township auditor (2 yr), 40

Brush Creek Township

• Delmas F. Bard (R), Brush Creek Township supervisor, 54 • M. Wildena Truax (R), Brush Creek Township tax collector, 53 • Michael L. Fischer (D), Brush Creek Township tax collector, 39 • Audrey A. Fischer (D), Brush Creek Township auditor (6 yr), 40 • Diane E. Whiteside (D), Brush Creek Township auditor (2 yr), 43 • Maxine P. Barton (R), Brush Creek Township judge of elections, 50 • Carol D. Smith (D), Brush Creek Township inspector of elections, 27 • Bessie H. Wagner (D), Brush Creek Township inspector of elections, 18 • Janet C. Spade (R), Brush Creek Township inspector of elections, 53

Dublin Township

• Tawnie House (R), Dublin Township tax collector, 107 • Cindy Knepper (D), Dublin Township judge of elections, 46 • Gloria Drenning (D), Dublin Township inspector of elections, 45 •Frances J. Hoover (R), Dublin Township inspector of elections, 102

Licking Creek Township

• John R. Swindell Sr. (D), Licking Creek Township supervisor, 42 •Brian E. Gordon (D), Licking Creek Township supervisor, 30 • Curt Lynch (D), Licking Creek Township supervisor, 23 • James A. Laughlin (D), Licking Creek Township supervisor, 9 • Eugene A. Keebaugh (R), Licking Creek Township supervisor, 55 • Jerry Gregory (R), Licking Creek Township supervisor, 33 •Becky Mellott Peck (D), Licking Creek Township tax collector, 107 • Betty E. Swope (D), Licking Creek Township auditor, 106 • Sandra Lynch (D), Licking Creek Township judge of elections, 102 • Alice L. Mellott Gordon (D), Licking Creek Township inspector of elections, 100 •Betty L. Ramsey (R), Licking Creek Township inspector of elections, 142

McConnellsburg Borough

• Michael L. Chilcote Sr. (R), Mc- Connellsburg Borough mayor, 54 •Patsy Frazier (D), McConnellsburg Borough Council, 56 • Lee J. Rager Sr. (D), Mc- Connellsburg Borough Council, 36 • Patrick S. Booth (R), Mc- Connellsburg Borough Council, 55 • James H. Smith (R), Mc- Connellsburg Borough Council, 49 • S. Heidi Snyder Newman (D), McConnellsburg Borough tax collector, 66 • Bonnie R. Duffey (R), Mc- Connellsburg Borough auditor, 72 • Wilda Charlene Gordon (D), McConnellsburg Borough judge of elections, 63

Taylor Township

• Judith K. Appleby (D), Taylor Township tax collector, 64 • H. Clyde Brant, Taylor Township auditor, 106 • Dorothy Shotts (R), Taylor Township inspector of elections, 106 • Kathryn Berkstresser (D), Taylor Township inspector of elections, 65 • Betty J. Berkstresser (D), Taylor Township judge of elections, 71

Thompson Township

• Robert Swadley (D), Thompson Township supervisor, 45 • Dianna Kincaid (R), Thompson Township tax collector, 57 • Madelin C. Booth (D), Thompson Township judge of elections, 43

Todd Township

• Stanley E. Mellott (R), Todd Township supervisor, 125 • Janet A. Mellott (R), Todd Township tax collector, 128 • Tom H. DeShong (R), Todd Township auditor (6 yr), 117 •Kim R. Christian (D), Todd Township auditor (2 yr), 78 • Harper Cline (R), Todd Township constable, 113 • Debra K. Dick (D), Todd Township judge of elections, 81 • Delores Peck (D), Todd Township inspector of elections, 88 • Peg Kerlin (R), Todd Township inspector of elections, 115

Union Township

• R. Victor Wilson (D), Union Township supervisor, 18 • Adriel Fletcher Sr. (R), Union Township supervisor, 27 • Terra Strait (R), Union Township tax collector, 44

Wells Township

• Arnold R. Hann (D), Wells Township supervisor, 11 • Jason Bricker (R), Wells Township supervisor, 47 • Margaret Barton (D), Wells Township inspector of elections, 13 • Ruth Hale (R), Wells Township inspector of elections, 47.

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