2009-05-21 / Features

Transplant Donor's Brother Says He'd Be Proud


PITTSBURGH (AP) - Jeff Keen wanted to help people, perhaps by becoming a nurse or a counselor. He died at 23 and never realized those career ambitions. But, in death, he's helping people through organ donation.

Last week, Keen's hands were transplanted onto another man at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. It was the first U.S. double hand transplant.

Keen's liver, kidneys, heart and a lung went to five other people. Dozens more could benefit from his donation of tissue and corneas.

Keen's brother, Daniel Rossi- Keen, says his brother would be surprised and proud about making his way into medical history.

He tells The Associated Press that his brother was "a pretty typical 20-something guy'' who loved the outdoors and fishing.

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