2009-05-21 / Entertainment

Hess Reminds Residents Of PA Fish For Free Days

Area residents interested in outdoor recreation are invited to participate in Pennsylvania's annual "Fish for Free Days" to be held Saturday, May 23, and Sunday, June 7, said Rep. Dick Hess (R-Bedford/Fulton/Huntingdon).

On these days, the Fish and Boat Commission will allow anyone to legally fish for some of Pennsylvania's top in-season species such as trout, walleye and certain other species at no cost.

"This is a benefit to those who enjoy fishing occasionally without having to purchase a fishing license," Hess said.

Although normal licensing requirements will be waived on the Fish for Free Days, anglers must still follow the normal rules and regulations, specifically those dealing with seasons, sizes and creel limits.

"Pennsylvania is home to some of the best locations to fish and I encourage residents of the 78th District to take advantage of this opportunity," Hess said.

For more information regarding the days' events or tips to help plan for a successful day of fishing, visit the Web site at Dick- Hess.com and click on "Fish for Free Days."

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