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Fishing Tourney Time Is Here

By Darick Brumbaugh

The results are in for both the Meadow Grounds and Raystown Lake tournaments, with the Meadow Grounds opening tournament having 19 boats and a total of 16 bass weighed in. Winning weight was 8 pound 11 ounce with a three-fish limit. The lunker weighed 3 pound 12 ounce. The second tournament winning weight was 8 pound 13 ounce with a three-fish limit.

There were 16 boats and six bass weighed in at the Raystown tournaments, Jims Anchorage Series tournament #1. Winning weight was 16 pounds with a sixfish limit. The KBBC tournament was won with a six-fish limit weighing 18.54 pounds. The Fisher of Mens tournament was won with six fish weighing 10.29 pounds.

Meadow Grounds tournaments coming up in June and July are June 27 and July 25. These tournaments typically start at 1 p.m. and last until 9 p.m. Raystown tournaments coming up in June include Jims Anchorage Series #2 on June 21 and series #3, a night tourney, is July 17.

I am heading to Kerr (Bugs Island) the beginning of June with Frank Ippoliti. Did I mention that he can catch fish? He is a really good fisherman.

Dad and I got trout camp started again. Something we did for as long as I remember until my Pap got sick and passed away. We stopped going for 11 years or so, and I am glad we could do it again.

What a great weekend with the weather! My daughter, Mara, nephew Tristen, Damon and Kyle Schoen and relatives from Martinsburg, Pa., had a great time. Damon and Kyle were convinced there was a bear in camp but couldn't figure out which tent it was coming out of. My tent was in the middle and I didn't get much sleep Friday evening. So Saturday evening there were a lot of bears in camp sleeping in tents. That is something that Mara will always remember and that is what it's all about. She is ready to go again.

This time of year bass can be caught on anything from marshmallows to crankbaits. The bass are shallow ready to spawn and they can be caught so many ways: jigs, spinnerbaits, worms, crankbaits and topwater lures.

Now, in Pennsylvania, it is immediate release of bass and you can't target bass beds until the season comes back in June. Floating worms and plastic jerkbaits( flukes) work really well this time of year. Fish shallow from inches of water to five feet. Plastic lizards fished on a Texas rig work good. Fish it like you would a worm. Shallow running crankbaits work like a Manns minus-1. Jigs with a crayfish trailer work good. Topwater lures like torpedos, frogs and Zarra spooks will work good. Fish on main lake flats, pockets and the backs of creeks. Look for wood, weeds, stumps, big rocks and bushes. Cast past your target and work the bait to the target.

This is a great time to take kids fishing for bass. Usually easier and more aggressive and they are all in the top of the water column. Remember, take a kid fishing, it could make for a great, big fish picture.

Darick Brumbaugh is a resident of Fort Littleton and a local bass tournament angler.

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