2009-05-14 / Local & State

Woman In Pa. Kickbacks Suit Denied Pension

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. (AP) - A woman who pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice as part of a northeastern Pennsylvania juvenile court kickback scheme isn't getting the county pension she sought.

Former Luzerne County probation official Sandra Brulo was seeking a pension of more than $1,700 a month. But county lawyer Don Karpowich says she isn't entitled to collect the pension because of her guilty plea in federal court in March. Karpowich says Brulo is entitled only to be reimbursed for her contributions to the pension fund, without interest.

The Luzerne County Retirement Board voted unanimously Tuesday to deny Brulo her pension.

Brulo's guilty plea was for altering a court record she suspected would be used as evidence against her in a lawsuit.

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