2009-05-07 / Letters

Center Takes Good Care Of Our Children

To The Editor:

I have been meaning to write this for a long time. On Friday, May 8, it is Childcare Providers' Day. As a parent of three children, I am very much honored to say thank you to the staff at Fulton County Center For Families Childcare. You will never meet a bunch of talented, loving and caring women like the ladies at the childcare.

The childcare staff has the most wonderful teachers a parent can ask for. They work so hard at their jobs and build an amazing relationship with our children. I know that come Sunday evening my children are ready to go and see their teachers. In fact, all weekend they ask where their teacher is. Not only have my children built a relationship with the girls, but so have I and my husband. They are there when you have questions and offer their support when you need it. The girls there give so much more than they need to. They work hard at what they do. And, I am amazed to see that there is very little turnover at the center. Some of the girls have been there for more than a decade.

If that doesn't show how dedicated they are than I don't know what will.

We hope everyone joins us this Friday to say "thank you" for taking such good care of our children. We are very blessed to have all these ladies in our lives, and we wish you all the best.

John and Mindi


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