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Licking Creek Race For Twp. Supervisor On

Six candidates vie for party nominations May 19
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

Gordon Gordon The field will be narrowed from four Democrats and two Republicans on May 19 when each party will nominate only one candidate for the position of Licking Creek Township supervisor.

The six-year term of office is being sought on the Democratic side by incumbent John R. Swindell Sr. as well as newcomers Curt Lynch, James A. Laughlin and Brian Gordon. Meanwhile, on the Republican ticket, Eugene A. Keebaugh and Jerry Gregory will be battling it out for their party's lone nomination November 3 election.

Brian E. Gordon (D)

A self-employed carpenter, Brian E. Gordon of 1938 Patterson Run Road, Mc- Connellsburg, noted both his experience as a small business owner and knowledge of finances and budgets would fulfill several of the requirements for the position of Licking Creek Township supervisor. One of four Democratic candidates seeking his party's lone nomination this spring during the municipal primary election, Gordon stated his carpentry business has also allowed him to become more acquainted with the building permit process established through the Uniform Construction Code.

Swindell Swindell "Since I am self-employed my time schedule is flexible, allowing me to have the time to make a difference in helping to maintain the roads," said Gordon, who added he would like to see future improvements in the condition of the township roads and better winter maintenance.

"I feel the number-one role of a township supervisor is working to serve the best interests of the township citizens by seeing to it that needed work is done," he concluded. In his spare time, Gordon is an active member of the Fulton County Fair Board as well as a 4-H leader in the shooting, rabbit and Licking Creek Little Critters clubs.

John R. Swindell Sr. (D)

An equipment operator by trade, Democratic incumbent John R. Swindell Sr. has had sixyears experience in working along Licking Creek Township's roadways making repairs and managing the township's finances to ensure proper funds are available for those same much-needed repairs.

According to Swindell of 287 Backridge Road, Needmore, in addition to his experience being a proven asset to the three-man board of supervisors, he is also backed by hard work ethics.

Keebaugh Keebaugh Swindell told the "News" as far as the number-one role of a township supervisor, he will strive to continue working handin hand with the public if reelected. Furthermore, he would like to see more money become available to area townships for roadway improvements. Eugene A. Keebaugh (R)

A native of Fulton County, Eugene A. Keebaugh got his first taste of the duties of a supervisor as a teenager working side-byside with his stepfather, who served as an area supervisor. Years later and now retired, Keebaugh has plenty of time at his disposal to serve as a full-time supervisor over the next six years.

Keebaugh stated he is understanding to both the needs and the complaints of township citizens and also possesses the capability of running large pieces of equipment. As a veteran engineer with the U.S. Army with "mechanical inclinations," Keebaugh noted he was responsible for aiding in the construction of both roads and bridges.

"I would like to work for the communities of Licking Creek Township. I would serve the people of the township because the people come first," said Keebaugh, who added he would strive to get more roadways paved in the township if elected.

Gregory Gregory Keebaugh of 757 Patterson Run Road, McConnellsburg, indicated he is open to learning new things and in his spare time enjoys both hunting and traveling.

Jerry Gregory (R)

Backed by an extensive education ranging from truck-driving school to various courses taken at Letterkenny Army Depot and Fleetwood Service Schools, Harrisonville resident Jerry Gregory reported he has always enjoyed working with people as well as taking and giving orders to get a job done.

"I've built homes, so I know about the inspection process. I've learned to budget and control spending through different jobs I've had," said Gregory, of 6678 Pleasant Ridge Road. "I've done mechanical work most of my life and drove a tractor-trailer for a while. I like to learn and research new things, but I think the most important thing is that I'm retired and I have all the time it would take to be a responsible supervisor."

Gregory stated his main reason to run for elected office was based on "how unresponsive the current supervisors are" and the need for better organization of township records. He was previously unable to seek office due to his 26 years of employment at Letterkenny.

"A problem with a sewage system I talked about with the township is still uncorrected after a year. Also, when issuing land-use/building permits, they (the supervisors) reference township ordinances dating back to the 1970s even though Pennsylvania passed a new uniform building code in 2004," he said.

Making further reference to the issuance of land-use permits, Gregory stated steps should be taken to maintain better control over sewage and building permits so the township doesn't end up with new homes with illegal sewage systems.

"We need to update and keep our files current in case homeowners have problems. We need to ensure our water supplies don't get contaminated. I would also like to see if we could get some of our dirt roads blacktopped. I also think the township needs to be open to the public for suggestions and solutions," he concluded.

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by telephone.

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