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Conservation Corner

2009-10 Cover Crop Sign-Up

The sign-ups for the 2009/10 Fulton County Cover Crop Incentive Program (CCIP) are currently underway. The Fulton County Conservation District is offering financial incentives to plant cover crops on corn silage fields. Sign-up deadline is August 28, 2009.

The flat-rate incentive payments for cover crops planted by September 26, 2009, will be $50/acre and if planted by October 10, 2009, will be $30/acre. A maximum of 75 acres may be enrolled; the cover crop may be established via no-till or reduced tillage (non-inversion); must achieve 50 percent soil cover by December 12, 2009, and be maintained through April 15, 2010. After April 15th the cover crop may be harvested for silage, grain, green-chopped or sprayed and the next crop planted. The cover crop may be burnt down earlier if approved by District personnel (the cover crop must still have 50 percent ground cover on April 15). Producers are encouraged to no-till plant the next crop into the killed-down or small grain residue. Planting dates are as follows: Oats no later than Sept 10; Barley - no later than September 26; triticale, wheat and rye - no later than Oct 10. The keys to this year's program are that the small grain is planted early and the cover crop must achieve 50 percent soil cover by December 12. Manure from the farm may be applied to the cover crop fields, however it is expected the 50 percent soil cover via cover crop be achieved and maintained through April 15. No commercial fertilizer may be applied until the following spring. To assist you in meeting the new earlier planting dates, the District hopes to have contractors lined up to plant should you desire.

The cost for this planting would be deducted from your incentive payment. For program details contact Doug Valentine, Ag Specialist, Fulton County Conservation District (FCCD), 717-485-3547, Ext-117. Applications will be available at the Farm Services Agency (FSA) and the Fulton County Conservation District offices located at 216 N. Second Street, McConnellsburg, PA.

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