2009-04-16 / Local & State

Pittsburgh Zoo Preparing For First Sea Lion Birth

PITTSBURGH (AP) - Officials at the Pittsburgh Zoo PPG Aquarium say a sea lion expected to give birth this summer to the first pup ever born at the facility.

A sea lion named Zoey is pregnant. She and another female, Maggie, have been observed mating with a male, Seahawk, recent months. Both females have exhibited behaviors consistent with pregnancy, but ultrasound tests show only Zoey pregnant.

The females were born at the Indianapolis Zoo and came to Pittsburgh in the late 1990s. Seahawk came from a rescue organization in 2006 after he was found orphaned off the California coast.

Zoo officials will closely mon- itor Zoey to ensure she bonds with the pup. Up to 15 percent of pups die within their first month after failing to bond.

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