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County Reviews Safety Issues

CCAP to provide action plan; employee training could net credit, savings
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

The county's safety committee convened Tuesday afternoon with several members of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania to review PComp/PCorp insurance claims submitted over the last six years and toss around ideas on how to save money and reduce the number of claims.

To kick off the old business portion of the April 14 meeting, business manager Tim Stanton reported the mold abatement at the Services for Children building has been successfully treated with no structural damage to the facility. Stanton further indicated that the maintenance staff saved county money by reinsulating the affected four rooms, hanging drywall and and repainting. Seamless gutters were also hung.

Stanton also elaborated on the containment of the building while the mold was being removed as well as the extensive testing and cleanup involved following.

Bobby Snyder, local insurance representative from the Robert Snyder Agency, reported there have been no new PComp claims since their last meeting, but one PCorp claim has been submitted in connection with wind damage sustained to the courthouse clock tower. The claim remains open, and temporary repairs have been made. Additional work may need completed due to deteriorating wood.

Following up on Snyder's report, Greg Cunningham of CCAP related the county has had a total of 19 claims since 2003. In breaking the claims down by county departments, 10 claims have come from row offices; five from the sheriff's office, three from maintenance; and one from EMA. Over 50 percent of the claims have been connected to "fall accidents."

Cunningham stated he will prepare an action plan for the county that will, in turn, hopefully reduce the number of claims. In addition, Cunningham reviewed training sessions county employees can attend that may result in credit or savings. Among those discussed were CPR/AED training, defensive driving classes and even annual certification classes required for probation officers.

Others on hand for the PComp/PCorp safety meeting were Sheriff Keith Stains, Services for Children Director Kelly Ford, Chief Probation Officer Roger Strait, county projects coordinator Karen Hann, Donna Lyter of CCAP and the commissioners.

The commissioners also met with Sheriff Stains and Treasurer Monica Seville as members of the county salary board. The group discussed moving a parttime deputy to full-time status and thereby set her wages at $12.12 per hour. Her weekly hours were also adjusted to 37.5 hours.

A 2009 Liquid Fuel Fund application submitted by the Brush Creek Township Board of Supervisors was approved in the amount of $3,400.

The commissioners authorized Chairperson Bonnie Mellott Keefer to sign the Broadband Technical Assistance Program grant agreement with the Southern Alleghenies Planning and Development Commission for wireless Internet for the Fulton County Courthouse.

Keefer also signed the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority grant agreement for Growing Greener II funding through the county Environmental Initiative funding in the amount of $563,200. The money has been earmarked for the installation of a geothermal system for the main courthouse facility.

Last week the commissioners announced they will be in session on both Monday, May 18, and Tuesday, May 19, for their office to serve as the Election Board and will also remain available throughout those days to address election needs.

Greg Reineke, recycling coordinator, updated the commissioners on various activities going on within the county including solid waste matters, tire dumping and the collection of household hazardous waste.

The commissioners and business manager Stanton met with officials from Aetna and Millennium Insurance during a luncheon. No action was taken.

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