2009-04-16 / Features

Historical Society Releases Books

Since 1979 the Fulton County Historical Society has published an annual book as one of its membership benefits. Volume 30 for 2009 is the first one to be printed in full color. "Quilts and Coverlets of Fulton County" was written to feature some of the local treasures donated to the Historical Society museum over the years. It concludes with a few Fulton County privatelyowned quilts from the 1800s.

John Nelson's "Down the Pike" was written for the His- torical Society in 1989 but has been sold out for some years. It tells the story of the Chambersburg Bedford Turnpike, which was a major factor in the growth of McConnellsburg from 1816 through 1913. This Volume 11 is now back in print with a few additional photographs.

Copies of these books are available in McConnellsburg at Summer Thyme Floral, Fulton Antiques, or the Fulton County Treasurer's Office and in Waterfall at Newman's Market. With 36 pages the quilt books sell for $5 and the 64-page turnpike book sells for $8. Copies may also be ordered by mail from the society at Box 115, McConnellsburg, PA 17233, with $2 postage. Proceeds benefit the continued publication of local histories and resource books.

The Historical Society publication committee invites the submission of manuscripts on any topic of local interest. E-mail contact for the society is director@ fultonhistory.org

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