2009-04-09 / Letters

Flushing Hard-Earned Money Down The Drain

To The Editor:

These are difficult financial times for everyone. Luckily, in many cases, we can make choices to alleviate ever-rising costs.

In past months, I have downgraded my cable, my Internet and my phone to the bare, basic plans. I have found that super glue and foam spray insulation are great repair tools to help hold an old car together. Knowing that you have some control over the amount you pay for a service, or if you even want that service, does give some peace of mind.

Now that leads to the point of this letter, which is the Hustontown Joint Sewage Authority. I opened my bill today, once again experiencing immediate cramping, sweating and nausea. This is a service I never requested or wanted. They seem to have total control over the local residents' wallets. The original cost for this mandatory service was $105 a quarter. It then rose to $135. Today's quarterly bill is for $175. Along with today's bill is a "heads up" letter stating our next bill will be for $195.

I would like to know what my options are here. Can I downgrade somehow? Perhaps buy a smaller package that limits my number of flushes. Could I possibly sign a contract to only flush during off-peak hours? Or better yet, can I choose to eliminate this service alltogether? I already know the answers are "no, no and no." I feel that Hustontown residents have been forced into a "bailout" situation by Hustontown Sewage.

Well, now that I have vented, I need to gather up old phone books and newspapers. My next downgrade and cutback plan will probably include toilet paper.

Cathy Gordon


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