2009-04-09 / Front Page

Well, Septic Workshop April 23

A well and septic system workshop for homeowners will be held from 10:00 a.m. to noon on Thursday, April 23, at the Fulton Theatre on North Second Street in McConnellsburg.

This informal workshop will answer lots of "how to" questions, including how to prevent well contamination, conserve water, get rid of odors from water, keep your septic system working, and determine if the well will keep up during drought.

Penn State Extension educators George Hurd (Franklin Co.) and Tom McCarty (Cumberland Co.) will conduct the workshop using models, video clips and materials. There is no cost to attend.

The workshop will provide some basic information helpful for everyone responsible for their own well and septic system. The purpose of the workshop is to discuss common well problems and how to address them, what kind of water testing is needed and how to respond to the results, to describe the parts of a septic system, what each part does, and how to insure all the parts keep on working. In addition, your questions are needed to make the workshop successful. Register or call for more information at 485-4111.

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