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This week's Memory Jogger was submitted by Leona Tritle of McConnellsburg and pictures from left: Martha Shore Pierson, Dorothy Shore Fahnestock; Velda Shore Deshong, Leona Shore Tritle, and baby Mervin Shore. This week's Memory Jogger was submitted by Leona Tritle of McConnellsburg and pictures from left: Martha Shore Pierson, Dorothy Shore Fahnestock; Velda Shore Deshong, Leona Shore Tritle, and baby Mervin Shore. 20 Years Ago

From The Files Of April 6, 1989 '89 "Those Were The Days, My Friend" could have been the theme song for the many longtime members present at the closing

night of the old American Legion Home on North First Street on Thursday night. Old friends and good times were remembered as those gathered there joined hands to sing "Auld Lang Syne" as the barn doors closed. The home was built 40 years ago in the stone barn on the Mason homeplace by Legionnaires recently returned from service in World War II. However, it was off with the old and in with the new as even bigger crowds attended the opening of the newly constructed legion home on the north outskirts of town over the weekend.

Pennsylvania Game Commissioners are investigating a shooting incident in which an apparently stray bullet pierced siding, insulation and fiberboard wall and landed on the floor inside the factory at Overly-Raker Inc., just north of McConnellsburg. Employees found the cartridge when they returned to work after the Easter weekend.

McConnellsburg Fire Chief Pete Lynch is still attempting to determine who owned a home which was destroyed by fire late Monday night and early Tuesday morning along Mountain Road in Belfast Township. When firefighters arrived at the scene, the structure had already been leveled by the blaze. The home was not occupied at the time of the fire but had live electrical service.

A McConnellsburg man, Rodney Clark, 33, was killed in a one-vehicle accident early last Saturday morning along U.S. Route 30 in Ayr Township. He was traveling east when, for unknown reasons, he lost control of his truck, crossed the roadway and travelled off the north berm striking a stone culvert.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Todd Schreiber of Crystal Spring on March 29.

Deaths: Rodney Clark, McConnellsburg; Margaret Nave, Potomac Park, Md.; Harvey Black, Hustontown; Dayton Evans, Youngwood, Pa.; Amanda Fessler, Dudley; Frank Bradnick, Fort Littleton; John Houdersheldt, Warfordsburg.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gobin III of Arlington, Va., announce the birth of a daughter, Julia Annabel, on April 1.

Teresa Leese of Needmore is Fulton County's Nurse of Hope for the American Cancer Society.

Marriage licenses: Robert Guerin, Martinsburg, W.Va., and Linnie Mellott, Needmore; Dan Gordon, Needmore, and Jennifer Mellott, Hagerstown.

30 Years Ago

From The Files Of April 5, 1979 '79 The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant accident in Harrisburg last Wednesday with the resulting escape of low level radiation

was a matter of national concern, but except for those with family or friends living near the area, had little impact on people here. Area motels report an influx of evacuees from the Harrisburg area, some of whom have returned to their homes and the 10 cabins at Cowans Gap State Park were filled with families from the nuclear plant immediate area, free of charge. The crisis at the nuclear plant had eased as of Tuesday, but precautionary mass evacuation plans remain on a standby basis.

Pete Hoch, new owner of the Conestoga Inn, is opening the local tavern for business this Friday. He plans to offer the Glen Nell Hotel at public sale on April 21.

A number of HAFCO firemen have been volunteering their services helping to build the new addition to the firehall and the work is progressing in leaps and bounds.

Thad Shimer was greeted by friends with a surprise birthday cake at Great Cove Golf Club on Sunday, after he finished a round of golf, walking the nine holes in the rain. Thad, at 82, is the oldest member of the club and is one of the pioneer members who helped get the club started.

Earl James Hendershot, Warfordsburg, and Carol Edna Slagenweit, Warfordsburg, applied for a marriage license at the local courthouse last week.

Deaths: Mrs. Evelyn J. Gordon, Hancock; Frank Hull, Chambersburg; Claude Garland, Fremont, Ohio; Mrs. Margaret Benchoff, Mercersburg; Earl T. Smith, Hancock; Goldie M. Barnhart Denner, Friedens; Florence L. Bivens, Ayr Township.

Karen Jean Fraker of Fort Littleton became the bride of Steven Lee Grissinger of Maddensville on February 11 in the Walnut Grove Church of God, Maddensville. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Fraker and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Grissinger.

Specials at the IGA: Campbell's pork and beans, 2 for $1; grapefruit, 5-lb. bag, $1.19; potatoes, 79 cents lb.; Tide, $4.39, 10 lbs.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. DeLauder of Mercersburg on March 26; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Craig Staney of Hancock on March 29.

Evelyn A. Houck became the bride of Gary A. Melius recently in the Scotland School for Veterans Children Church. The bride is the daughter of John Houck of Six Mile Run and Sandy Houck of Baltimore. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Melius, formerly of Hustontown and now of Chambersburg.

40 Years Ago

From The Files Of April 7, 1969 '69 The 1969 golf season will open officially at the Great Cove Golf Club on April 20 with a Blind Bogey Tournament, according to a

golf committee spokesman. The event will be an 18-hole affair, with all participants being asked to tee off no later than 2:30 p.m.

The members of the Tuscarora Cycle Club of Mercersburg have announced that they will run a "one-half mile sportsmen motorcycle race" at the Davis Lane Speedway at Hustontown. The one-half mile oval at Hustontown is one of the fastest motorcycle tracks in the East and this season is expected to be one of the best yet.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Hoffman of Hustontown celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on April 15.

Miss Patricia Foreman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Foreman of Hustontown, was one of 40 students nurses who took part in the dedication ceremonies for the 75th class of the York School of Nursing, held last Sunday in York.

Marriage license: Robert H. Albright of McConnellsburg and Sarah J. Grove of Williamsburg, Pa.

Miss Janet Courie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Courie of Banbury, England, and Sgt. Allen D. Shanholtz of Warfordsburg were united in marriage on March 1, 1969, at St. Mary's Church, Banbury.

Engagement: Mr. and Mrs. Irven Cornelius of Orbisonia wish to announce the engagement of their daughter, Carol Gladys, to Charles E. Miller, son of Mrs. Barbara Ann Park and stepson of the late Clair Park of Fort Littleton.

At an impressive ceremony held recently in the Mc- Connellsburg Methodist Church, Mrs. Bette Patton, assistant state home economics leader, Pennsylvania State University, awarded certificates to five Fulton County women who have completed a training course in nutrition education. They are: Myrtle Mathern, Burnt Cabins; Edna Keebaugh, McConnellsburg; Virginia Hess, Needmore; Carleton Williams, Big Cove Tannery; and Ada Fletcher, Warfordsburg.

Betrothal told: Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bivens of Harrisonville wish to announce the engagement of their daughter, Ella Mae Bivens, to Pvt. Bliss Leroy Pittman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Pittman of Mercersburg.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Robinson of Mercersburg on March 11; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Morgan of Mercersburg on April 6; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Strait of Harrisonville on April 11; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bishop of McConnellsburg on April 12; a son to Mr. and Mrs. David Gordon of Warfordsburg on April 12.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown Miller of Hustontown have returned to their home after spending the winter in Florida.

Specials at the IGA: IGA cake mixes, 25 cents each; Adams chilled orange juice, 69 cents, half gallon; chuck roast, 79 cents lb.

Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Chubb of town celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on March 27.

Deaths: Mrs. Ida E. Bivens, McConnellsburg; Gerald Junior White, Mount Union; Mrs. Blanche E. Taylor, Altoona; Mrs. Janice M. Boose, Chambersburg.

50 Years Ago

From The Files Of April 16, 1959 '59 Mrs. John Taylor, accompanied by her sisterin law, Mrs. J.R. Guyer, spent last Tuesday in Harrisburg, visiting her brother, F. Earle Taylor,

who underwent major surgery in Harrisburg Hospital.

Mark Lodge of town was taken to Chambersburg Hospital on Sunday, suffering from pneumonia.

Samuel Albert of Dormont, Pa., father of George Albert, local garage manager and head of Civil Defense in Fulton County, died of a heart attack last Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Edward Hendershot moved on Friday from Riverside, N.J., to McConnellsburg to help care for his mother, Mrs. Jessie Hendershot, who was discharged from the Medical Center after being hospitalized for two months.

The H.L. Bain Feed Store, located behind the post office, changed hands on April 2 and is now owned by B.C. Snider and sons of Mercersburg and Williamson.

Fulton County will join the rest of the state on Friday by taking part in a Civil Defense Alert. All citizens and school children are asked to go to the safest place and all radio and TV stations will be closed down from 11:30 a.m. to noon. Only the emergency stations with Conelrad will be on the air. The primary purpose of the drill will be to provide the general public with an opportunity to practice basic self-protection measures in the case of an enemy attack. The exact time of the alert is not known but, upon the sounding of the red alert - a 3 to 5 minute warbling sound on sirens, whistles or horns - the general pubic will be expected to immediately "take cover." After an interval of cover during which a make-believe enemy air raid will be taking place, the all-clear signal will be sounded and the mock raid will be completed.

Local firemen answered three calls during the past week, two for brush fires and once to the turnpike where a tractor-trailer caught fire.

On Friday evening, John H. Enck, local band instructor, served as guest conductor of the 116-member Sunbury Junior High School Band.

Arnold Francis Chaney, teacher of science and social studies in the local high school, has been awarded a scholarship for the American Studies Program to be held this summer at Eastern Baptist College, St. Davids, Pa.

An interesting piece of criticism about a local parsonage was found under the door of the "News" office on Saturday, but had to be thrown in the wastebasket because it was unsigned by the writer.

Lewis H. Wible will mark his 92nd birthday on Sunday.

The house adjoining the Fulton Manufacturing Co., the home of the late Frances Steach, was sold at public auction on Saturday to the factory for $1,775.

Marjorie Mellott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Mellott, broke her hip last week while rollerskating at Bedford Roll arena.

Rebecca Jane Tritle and Kenneth Monroe Querry were married on Easter Sunday.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Minor Robinson of Fort Loudon on April 6; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Buterbaugh of Hancock on April 6; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Deshong of Mc- Connellsburg on April 6; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Warren Peck of Warfordsburg on April 8; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lake of Warfordsburg on April 11.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Doyle of the Cove are still drilling wells in Fort Littleton, this being the fourth one this year.

Deaths: Dwight Norman Steach of Phoenix, Ariz.; Geraldine Fleming Shafley of Clinton, Md.; Mrs. Ora Deshong Hixson of Crystal Spring; Rebecca B. Copenhaver of McConnellsburg; Abraham Hayes Hershey of Huntingdon County.

60 Years Ago

From The Files Of April 21, 1949 '49 The town's newest organization, the Wolfs' Club, got under way last Thursday night when 65 members attended a banquet at

the Fulton House, served free by Mrs. Vera James.

Smiley Burnette and his show will be the featured attraction at the Fulton County Fair this year.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sharpe of Harrisonville have announced the engagement of their daughter, Melva Althea, to Clyde H. DeShong Jr.

Fulton County was 99 years old on April 19.

Marcus Downes of Burnt Cabins landed a 15-inch brown trout at Allens Valley on Friday, the first day of the season.

W. Kenneth Shaw, former publisher of the Fulton County News, suffered a mild heart attack last Wednesday.

Births: a daughter on April 16 to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ray of McConnellsburg; a son on April 16 to Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Deshong of Harrisonville; a son April 17 to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sipes of McConnellsburg.

Death: Rodney Leroy Decker of McConnellsburg.

A second-grade student in the local school, 7-year-old Richard Rotz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rotz, was one of the students who received recognition in a national letter writing contest on the subject, "The Teacher Who Has Helped The Most." He wrote about his teacher, Mrs. Harry Elvey, and for his efforts received a certificate of honor as well as a gold Quiz Kid key, making him an honorary Quiz Kid.

Miss Sara Akers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Akers, was one of two freshmen selected to serve in the queen's court during the May Day festivities at Shippensburg College.

This week, Dr. G.T. Lorentz purchased an X-ray machine which he will put into operation in the near future.

Sixty years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Stevens were married with 75 guests witnessing the ceremony. When they celebrated their anniversary on Sunday, only one of the guests was still alive, Mrs. Virginia Beidleman of Harrisburg, who was one of the flowergirls. Mrs. Beidleman spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Stevens.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Anderton of the Harris Hotel celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary on March 28.

Births: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John Pittman of McConnellsburg on April 3; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Arlie Strait of Needmore on April 3.

70 Years Ago

From The Files Of April 20, 1939 '39 Deaths: Alice Frances Michael of Mc- Connellsburg; John Martin of Harrisburg; Mrs. B. Frank Davis of Warriors Mark; Frank Hoopengardner of Belle Grove, Md.

William Carlton Greenleaf and Nancy Robinson were married on April 15.

Mrs. Mertie Spiller and daughter, Mrs. Elsie Smith of Lincoln Way East, entertained at a luncheon and shower on April 13 in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Tad McLaughlin, newlyweds. Mrs. Edgar Harris, Mrs. W.H. Selser and Laverne Hamil entertained at a buffet supper and shower in honor of Mr. and Mrs. McLaughlin on April 12.

Mrs. George Reisner will be installed as president of the local Woman's Club at a luncheon meeting in the Methodist Church on Friday. Mrs. Russell Glazier will preside at the luncheon and Miss Mary Jane Kirk will sing "The Song of the Cardinal." Hostesses for the meeting will be Mrs. John L. Neill, Mrs. W.H. Greathead, Mrs. Boyd Fore, Mrs. James Guyer and Mrs. Sloan Warthin.

A "500" and bridge card party will be held at the home of Keith Crabmill at Andover on April 27. Sponsored by the Green Hill Civic Club, the proceeds will be donated to the fund for the purchase of an artificial limb for Earl Gray.

Methodist pastors assigned to Fulton County for the coming year include: Rev. M.W. Randall at Hustontown, succeeding Rev. Nelson Frank; Rev. Paul Meyers at Harrisonville; Rev. J.W. Garthoff at Burnt Cabins and Rev. Miles Pheasant at Mc- Connellsburg, succeeding Rev. F.L. Pannebaker. Rev. R.B. Dysart will serve the Three Springs Charge, which includes part of Fulton County, succeeding Rev. W.W. Breckbill.

The local Lions Club will present a two-day minstrel show on Thursday and Friday. Headed by Prof. Harold C. Welsh as inter- locuter, the show will feature a chorus and such talented entertainers as Charles Wolfe, Wilmer Hays, George Earley, Robert Linn, Charles Ray and Eugene Chesnut. Ballad singers will include Mrs. Donald Sipes, Tad McLaughlin, Lyle Duffey, Miss Virginia Beach, Owen Fries and Paul Ott. Another highlight will be a tap dance by Elsie Jane Hines.

Thomas Pearson has returned to his home after a week's treatment in the Naval Hospital in Philadelphia.

Melvin Cutchall was taken to Chambersburg Hospital on Monday for treatment of a severe cut of the left thumb, received while chopping wood.

Mr. and Mrs. George K. Nelson of town and Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Graybill of Martinsburg left Monday morning for a week's vacation in Bermuda.

Fred R. Hamil, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hamil of Mc- Connellsburg, has been awarded the "aMa" athletic honor in indoor track at Mercersburg Academy.

Mrs. Annie Brant received a telegram telling of the sudden death of her mother and left on Sunday for her home near Altoona.

Mrs. Frank Tritle was brought home from Everett Hospital on Friday afternoon.

A kitchen shower was held on Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Foreman in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Stevens.

Fred Funk of Fort Littleton was taken to Everett Hospital on Sunday evening for an operation for acute appendicitis.

Mrs.Vera James of the Fulton House received a laceration above the left eye in a collision on the Path Valley Road when her driver, Robert Spriggs, lost control of her car.

The first Federated Sportsmen's Association in Fulton County was organized on March 31 when a group of sportsman met in the Rehobeth Church in Thompson Township. The first officers of this new group are Wilbur Comerer, president; Erby Booth, vice president; Calvin Comerer, secretary and treasurer; and Bert Miller, federation delegate.

Openings for more than 4,500 unemployed Pennsylvania youths in the CCC were announced by the Department of Public Assistance. The quota for Fulton County, however, was limited to three.

Effective April 1, all persons applying for any type of public assistance, other than blind pensions, will be required to sign a bond confessing judgement against all real or personal property which may be owned or late acquired, as acknowledgement of the commonwealth's claim to repayment of any assistance received.

Frank Skiles and family moved on Tuesday from East Lincoln Way to Chambersburg.

Miss Mary Louise Grissinger, who recently resigned as stenographer in the Highway Department, is now employed by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Souders of McConnellsburg announce the birth of a daughter on Sunday at the Chambersburg Maternity Home.

A marriage license was issued in Bedford last week to Leroy Ellis Snyder and Beatrice Elizabeth Shaw of Hustontown.

Mrs. Ernest Harris returned home Wednesday from Chambersburg Maternity Home, bringing with her the newest member of the Harris family, Ernest Jr.

Mr. and Mrs .C.B. Stevens celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Monday.

Miss Beulah Johnston sailed last week on the Queen Mary from London to New York where she will be met by her brother, Harry.

Charles Garman and Florence Mann were wed March 29.

80 Years Ago

From The Files Of April 18, 1929 '29 Deaths: Mrs. Frank Mason of Mc- Connellsburg; Mrs.

James S. Gordon of Oakmont; Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Barnett of Three Springs; Alexander Schetrompf of Lexington, Neb.; Mrs. Ruth Horton Edwards of Wells Valley; Herbert Hoover Wheeler of Philadelphia.

Born: a son last Wednesday to Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cornelius of Burnt Cabins, the first boy in a family of five girls.

Discharged from the Everett Hospital last week were Ethel Rotz Hershey of McConnellsburg and Mrs. Josephine Deshong and baby of Andover.

Robert Wayne is the name of the little son born to Mr. and Mrs. Morris Hoopengardner of Woodlawn.

By a vote of 36 to 12, the Senate this week passed the 4-cent gas tax, which was previously approved by the House.

Born: a son on April 14 to Mr. and Mrs. George Earley.

Freddy Humbert has helped himself to a new Whippet.

McConnellsburg is now in the unique and not pleasant situation of being without a doctor. Dr. J.W. Mosser, who has ministered to the needs of the people here for the past 35 years, has been confined to his bed by illness.

Tommy and Billy, twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Miller of Webster Mills, were the guests of honor at a surprise party on April 12 in honor of their 12th birthdays.

Noah Mentzer marked his 25th birthday on April 13.

The heavy wind storm on Monday did considerable damage in the county, the worst being reported at Hustontown where the roof of the new school building was blown off.

Daniel Gladfelter has sold his farm near Oak Grove to Sam Laidig.

The stork visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bolinger of New Grenada last week, leaving a little daughter.

Fire of unknown origin completely destroyed the large barn on the farm of George Kirk near Warfordsburg on Friday morning, causing the death of 33 head of livestock. Killed were seven horses, a cow, 12 sheep and 13 lambs.

Harold S. Scott and Ruth E. Watson were wed March 29.

March 31 was the 58th birthday of Jacob Kuhn.

Deaths: Jacob C. Murphy of South Fork; Mrs. Larkin Moore of Philadelphia.

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