2009-04-02 / Local & State

Jury List

The following names were drawn by the President Judge and Fulton County Jury Commissioners for the April session of combined court to be held in the said county on the 27th day of April 2009, at 10:00 a.m., in the forenoon of that day: Crystal Abbott, McConnellsburg Marilyn Anderson, McConnellsburg Denvin Bard, Warfordsburg Deborah Barnhart, Warfordsburg Joan Beaudry, Needmore Tina Berkstresser, Waterfall Harold Bishop, McConnellsburg Tracy Black, McConnellsburg Mary Brant, Hustontown Donald Brown, Hustontown Lisa Burgoyne, Needmore John Carroll, McConnellsburg Lori Clark, Harrisonville Joyce Covalt, Needmore Louise Creager, McConnellsburg Lori Criso, Needmore Henry Daniels Jr., McConnellsburg Cheryl Diiorio, McConnellsburg Johnny Ebersole, Warfordsburg Melissa Fandl, Mercersburg Donna Farrell, Hustontown George Fischer, Warfordsburg Larry Fischer, Warfordsburg Jason Fix, Harrisonville Emory Fleegle, Needmore Thomas Foster, Three Springs Laurie Foster, Hustontown Corryn Fraker, Fort Littleton Diane Golden, Warfordsburg Roberta Golden, Warfordsburg Ruth Golden, Warfordsburg Bonnie Gordon, Needmore Dan Gordon, Needmore Patty Gordon, Harrisonville Ginger Gress, McConnellsburg Carol Halterman, Warfordsburg Constance Hamil, Needmore Hannelore Hann, McConnellsburg Jolinda Hann, Fort Littleton Shawn Hann, Warfordsburg Lori Helser, McConnellsburg Jonathan Hendershot,

McConnellsburg Robert Henry, Three Springs Angela Hensley, Warfordsburg Roy Hess, McConnellsburg Ann Hollinshead, Harrisonville Anna Hollinshed, Harrisonville Deborah Hoover, Wells Tannery Samuel Huber, Needmore Lisa Hughes, McConnellsburg Vesta Hull, Big Cove Tannery Harriet Jeffreys, McConnellsburg Ashley Johnston, Needmore Jolene Jones, Warfordsburg Angela Keebaugh, Needmore Ronald Keefer, McConnellsburg Tammy Kendall, Harrisonville Mary Kerns, Warfordsburg Roger Kerns, Warfordsburg Naomi Kline, Needmore Frances Knable, Needmore Arlene Knolla, Crystal Spring Rodger Landers, Mercersburg George Lazarus, Needmore Mary Leck, Needmore Charles Loskot, Waterfall Marlin Lynch, Warfordsburg Danny Mack, McConnellsburg Matilda Martz, Hustontown Savannah Matthew, Wood Imogene McLucas, McConnellsburg Chris McQuade, Harrisonville Trent Meck, McConnellsburg Eric Mellott, Needmore John Mellott, Warfordsburg Lex Mellott, Warfordsburg Kimberly Mellott, Needmore Lorraine Milroth, McConnellsburg Susanna Moore, Harrisonville Mona Morton, Harrisonville Bertha Musser, Crystal Spring Lester Newman, Hustontown Daniel Peck, Warfordsburg James Pittman, Needmore Phillip Ramsey, Harrisonville Marvin Richards II, McConnellsburg Wayne Roberts, Waterfall Mary Schooley, McConnellsburg Darl Schriever, Warfordsburg Robert Seiders, McConnellsburg Charles Shaffer, McConnellsburg Rick Shasserre, McConnellsburg Cory Shaw, Hustontown William Sheppard Jr.,

McConnellsburg Ann Sipes, Harrisonville Joanna Smith, McConnellsburg Sharon Snyder, Hustontown Keith Souders, Harrisonville Mary Souders, McConnellsburg Tina Souders, McConnellsburg Louis Springs, Warfordsburg Donald Stoner, Needmore David Strait, McConnellsburg Gail Strait, Hustontown Cathleen Strock, Needmore Morris Suders, McConnellsburg Alton Tice, Hustontown Ronald Tomlinson, McConnellsburg Benjamin Truax, McConnellsburg James Truax, Warfordsburg Edward Wachter, Needmore Vivian Wandless, Warfordsburg Dwight Washabaugh,

Big Cove Tannery Jean Weller, McConnellsburg Eric Weller, Needmore William Welsh, McConnellsburg Darlene Wheeler, Warfordsburg Christopher Youngblood,

McConnellsburg Charles Youse, Needmore

Recalled For April 27, 2009

Harvey Culler, McConnellsburg Sharon Daniels, Harrisonville Roger DeShong, McConnellsburg Diana Douglas, Big Cove Tannery Rick Everetts, McConnellsburg Dennis Fandl, Warfordsburg Brian Helman, McConnellsburg Barry Lake, McConnellsburg Krista Lane, McConnellsburg Connie McFadden, Needmore Lauren Mosemann, Warfordsburg Daniel Swain, Needmore Jacqueline Watkins, Hustontown

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