2009-04-02 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Harold Bishop retired last week from PennDOT after working

for 21 1/2 years. Have a healthy retirement, Harold. Sympathy

to the family of Nancy McQuade Orr who passed away Sunday evening.

Dave McElhaney and Lana Bard were on a cruise for a week visiting the five islands of the South Caribbean, embarking from Puerto Rico.

Henrietta Chamberlain celebrated her birthday with her birthday club ladies: Jean Kies, Joyce Washabaugh, Maggie Riggs, Rena Ott and Dora Lynch.

Birthday wishes to Goldie Mellott, 82 years old on April 4; Mary Deshong, Jessiac Grosh and Sonny Stevens, April 2; Norma Deshong, April 3; Craig Paylor and Cheryl Stouffer, April 4; Heather Sigel and Cheyenne Hege, April 6; Wanda Souders and Terri McGarvey Blumenthal, April 7; Harvey Culler, April 8; and Brittany Ott on March 29.

Lee and Sally Hege will celebrate their 48th wedding anniversary on April 9.

Kirby Knepper of Washington, D.C., area visited his parents, Parker and Pat Knepper, over the weekend.

Sympathy goes out to the family of Margaret Wooley, a former resident of Burnt Cabins, and now living in Chambersburg. She passed away recently.

Quotable quotes: "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

It happened this week: In 1969, the 34th president of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, died in Washington, at the age of 78.

Country shortcuts: Chili Cheese Treat - Heat canned chili, spoon over heated thick slices of garlic bread, top with crushed corn chips and shredded cheddar cheese, broil until melted.

Did you know more than half of America's teachers hold a master's degree and have more than 15 years of experience.

John Ott, Denny and Dane Pollock and Jeremy Fletcher attended the "Sweet Sixteen" basketball game in Indianapolis between Michigan State and Kansas on Friday night and the "Final Four" game between Michigan State and Louisville on Sunday with Michigan winning.

Dorothy Seiden of Atlanta, Ga., is visiting her mother, Geraldine Cornelius, who is a resident at Fulton County Medical Center, and other relatives, including her sister, Elsie. Geraldine is in room 11B and would enjoy cards from folks.

Mona Morton is now home recuperating after breaking her hip recently and after a couple weeks stay in the hospital.

The Willing Workers of St. Paul Lutheran Church were busy on Monday and Tuesday making more than 250 quarters of soup.

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