2009-04-02 / Church News

Ministry Of Jesus To Be Shared In Live Drama

April 4 at Warfordsburg Presbyterian Church

The remarkable story of God's Son come to Earth with an emphasis on His inspirational lifestyle teachings and amazing miracles will be dramatized by Maranatha Productions Inc. Saturday, April 4, at the Warfordsburg Presbyterian Church Faith Center at 6 p.m.

"Consider the Lilies" is dramatization of several Gospel accounts about Jesus. The live drama shares a retelling of the teaching ministry of the wandering rabbi known as Jesus, whose life, work and ministry 2,000 years ago changed the course of mankind's history to this day and forever.

The play begins with the inspiration of the Sermon on the Mount, sharing simple, yet quite profound, truths of Jesus' teachings in a visual way everyone - regardless of age - is able to readily and quite easily understand. Familiar teachings regarding "the salt of the earth" and "turning the other cheek" - as found in the Gospel account penned by Matthew - will be meaningfully taught and shared.

In truth, "Consider the Lilies" vibrantly illustrates and suggests that a more meaningful and purposeful life could be enjoyed if lived from God's point-of-view. To enhance these teachings, Jesus begins to do "wondrous signs" - the blind suddenly see and the lame walk after experiencing His touch, while hundreds and hundreds more seek His healing.

Some religious leaders of the day, however, begin to question Jesus' teachings and actions. In time, others turn against him, and insults and accusations against Him lead to His crucifixion. There are those, however, who do believe He truly is the Son of God, and they as well as others are assured of this truth when He comes alive again!

Portraying Jesus in the production will be Erik Nelson, a professional actor long associated with Maranatha, a nonprofit drama ministry based in Lancaster, Pa. Maranatha Productions uses drama to communicate Biblical truths, principles and insights. Nelson has been portraying Jesus Christ in major Passion Play productions since 2000 - abroad in England, throughout the United States and on tours in Israel.

Dathan Glick will take on the role of a Pharisee who challenges Jesus, His message and His mission. Glick has acted and traveled with Maranatha for four years, assuming other biblical roles. Leah Hubbard, an actress with Maranatha for more than three years, will portray a variety of women who encounter Jesus and are changed by Him.

Some spontaneous audience participation, a trademark of Maranatha's performances, will allow the audience members to experience the reality of the biblical accounts and hopefully to remember them long after the performance has finished.

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