2009-03-26 / Obituaries

In Memory

HARRIS HARRIS In memory of Ernest Lee "Skip" Harris on his 70th birthday, March 26, 1939 - August 6, 1994: No matter how brief it may seem A life on earth has purpose It can reflect the warmth of

God's love And become a part of His

glorious kingdom forever Connie, Doug and Matt Brown

Janet and Bill


In loving memory of Frank Mellott: October 12, 1944 - March 29, 2007:

We do not need a special day to bring you to our minds, for the days we do not think of you are very hard to find. If all the world was ours to give we'd give it, yes, and more, to see the face of our loved one come smiling through the door.

We love and miss you,

Wife Linda Children: Michelle and Kerry

Chris and Alicia


Cory and Krista Jo Alexis and Andrew and "little Buddy" Casper

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