2009-03-19 / Sports

Fishing Widow Season Under Way

By Darick Brumbaugh

Well, it has finally come again. Bass tournament time or, as my wife Stephanie gets, "fishing widow season." She is pretty good with it till fall, or so she lets on.

Local bass tournaments close to home: Meadow Grounds March 28 and April 11. They start around 7 a.m. with low entry fees and Paul runs a good tournament. Raystown starts on March 28 with the Broad Top Bassmasters open. Then on April 4 Fisher of Mens, a Christian Tournament Trail, on April 5 is the Jims Anchorage Series 1st tournament. Then on April 11 is the Keystone Bass Buddy Circuit. These tournaments are at James Creek launch, except the Jims Anchorage, which is out of 7 Points Marina. Weigh-ins are usually around 3:00 p.m. So if you can't participate and you want to see some really nice spring smallmouth and largemouth bass, come to the weigh-ins. I hope to fish some of the tournaments. I am going to Lake Jordan in North Carolina for a B.F.L tournament with Bass Pro Frank Ippoliti. Frank is a real good fisherman. He is currently ranked #403rd in the world. Frank was ranked in the top 50 but has taken some time off touring to get his car dealership, Chambersburg Affordable, auto sales going.

I got to work at Bass Pro Shops during their spring sale a few weeks ago for Parasite Weights. I ran into some people that I haven't seen in a long time. Most had there families with them, and I had fun trying to help there kids spend some of there parents' money. I had a lot of kids asking me questions about fishing and they all seemed pretty excited about going trout fishing in a few weeks. I got to put on a seminar in the fish tank. It was on swimbaits with a Parasite craddle weight. The clip fits around the hook and the weight squeezes to the side if the bait. Again, the plastic bait won't slide down the hook shaft. They work on flukes as affectively as swimbaits.

The Bass Master Classic was pretty good. They had some nice 20-pound bags weighed in and the TV coverage was good. Skeet Reese won the classic flipping and pitching the Berkley Crazy Legs Chigger Craw. He also caught fish with a Lucky Craft Redemption Spinnerbait. Other Pros were using jig - crankbaits - swimbaits and dropshotting. Kim Bain Moore, the first female angler to compete in the Classic, finished 47th out of 51 anglers. She said she was pretty nervous and caught up in the whole atmosphere of the event.

The weather is warming, grass is turning green. Warm days, some spring rain and then it gets cold, sometimes snows. Then, stays cold for a few days and starts warming up again. This changing weather makes for some good and really tough fishing days. Anglers refer to it as pre- and post-frontal conditions. Pre-frontal conditions at the right time, is feeling like you have to beat the fish off with your oar. The next day you repeat everything you did the day before, and you can't even catch a cold. Fish seem to eat better right before a stormfront and during. Barometric pressure, the wind blowing or the cloud cover, so fish scatter out in search of bait. It could be one or all of these factors. The post- front, after the front passes. Bluebird skies, maybe a little breeze, air temperature cooler, bad fishing time, right? Well, still try the jerkbait and the Vertical Lures Jig X. You can also try a finesse technique called shakey heads. I use Parasites shakey head called the Sweet Shakey. All this consists of is a small worm on a jighead. The fish should be on cover and possibly a little deeper. Cast to targets like stumps, trees and rocks. Shake your rod tip slightly. Move the jig head slowly, never losing contact with your bait. Berkley, Zoom and Roboworm make baits for this technique. This is very effective on post- frontal, clear water and heavy fishingpressured bodies of water. Use light line around six to 10 pound test fluorocarbon line. Binns Bros. seven-foot medium heavy spinning rod. Typically a quarter ounce Sweet Shakey jig head will accommodate these conditions.

On cloudy, windy spring days try swimbaits. There are hundreds of different kinds and sizes. Berkley hollow belly plastic swimbaits are good. Rig the Berkley hollow belly with a Parasite cradle weight. Jerkbaits and Rapala Shad Raps work good in these conditions. Work them the same as jerkbaits. Again fish points and flats with deep water close by heading to spawning areas. What ever weather you get faced with, you should have it all covered.

Well, I need to get the "honeydo" list finished. That boat is calling me like a moth to a flame. Once I get in the boat the "honey-do" list seems to get neglected. Remember, take a kid fishing, it could make for a good big fish picture.

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