2009-03-19 / Local & State

Sen. Alloway Supports Elimination Of Property Tax

Sen. Richard Alloway II (R- 33) is cosponsoring legislation that would eliminate property taxes for all homeowners in Pennsylvania.

Senate Bill 71 would remove the legal authority for school districts to impose a tax on real property. Alloway said that if the legislation is passed, he would work with members of the General Assembly to replace property tax revenue with a more equitable way to fund public schools.

"The property tax is one of the most unfair and universally hated assessments in the state, and I believe that eliminating this tax would be the first big step toward providing greater fairness in how we fund our public schools," Alloway said. "The Legislature has struggled with this issue for decades, and I think it's time that we addressed this issue once and for all by eliminating this enormous burden on homeowners."

Senate Bill 71 was referred to the Senate Finance Committee for consideration.

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