2009-03-19 / Local & State

Fix Seeks Re-Election


Patty Fix Patty Fix Patty Suders Fix, Fulton County prothonotary, clerk of courts, recorder of deeds, register of wills and clerk of Orphans Court, announces she will seek reelection to a fifth term.

Fix brings to the people of Fulton County 16 years of extensive experience on the rules of civil, criminal, recordation, probating wills, and appellate and administrative procedures in processing their legal documents. Working as an officer of the court system not only requires a vast array of legal knowledge, but the ability to manage case flow efficiently and effectively.

Suders' broad knowledge in each of the five offices includes the docketing of civil, criminal, juvenile, guardianships and adoption filings; entering federal and state judgements on record; expungement of criminal cases; processing bail postings; issuing executions and assessing states fines; preparation of files on appeal to the commonwealth and superior court; official notary to the court, recordation of deeds, mortgages, satisfactions, plats and other miscellaneous documents; processing marriage and passport applciations; a judicial officer for admitting wills into probate; conducting hearings on the rules of evidence when warranted; issuing letters of administration/ testamentary; and agent for the Department of Revenue for the collection of realty transfer and inheritance taxes.

Stringent acounting guidelines must be adhered to for each office as annual audits are performed by the attorney general's office.

Suders currently serves on the Fulton County Criminal Justice Advisory Board, the intermediate punishment board and the stop grant committee. Since 1994 she has been a member of the Pennsylvania State Associations for the Prothonotarys, Clerk of Courts, Recorder of Deeds, Register of Wills and Clerk of Orphans' Court. She is an associate board member for The First National Bank of Mc- Connellsburg and currently serves as an executive officer for the Fulton County Republican Committee.

Suders believes responsibilities required of an elected official to operate these offices must be ones of expeience, competency and profiency.

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