2009-03-12 / Family

In Memory


In loving memory of Monty Burrall, who passed away on March 11, 2008: They say time heals all wounds It doesn't The plain truth is That you simply learn to live

with the grief Not a day goes by that each of us Doesn't think of you and Rick Nothing is the same Conversations lack your input At mealtime there are two

empty chairs We can still hear your voice And catch a glimpse of you here

and there We can still smell your special

essence It is so difficult to go on some days But promises were made And so we do We cherish those days when we

can laugh At things you did and said We recall so fondly Our precious memories of you

and Rick And share them lovingly with

each other We are not the same, any of us While you were here you Brigthened our days, Shared your wisdom, tickled

our hearts With your laughter And made us each strive to be

better You did leave this world Better than you found it That is the most any of us can

hope to do We miss you, we love you, And we look foward to you and Rick Greeting each of us When our time comes. We thank you for being The best husband, father, Grandfather and great-grandfather You truly blessed our lives And we will treasure Those memories forever.

Loving wife Daisy

Son Ed Daughters: Mona, Linda

and Joyce and grandchildren

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