2009-02-26 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Carter Suders, son of Morris and Melissa Suders, Cooper Lane, McConnellsburg, is home after spending several days in Waynesboro Hospital with the

flu. Kay Mc- Garvey was surprised on Saturday

evening when her family held a 70th birthday party for her at Great Cove. Her mother, Ruth Souders, who is 96, was able to attend. The food was delicious and everything went well. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it a nice event.

A birthday party was held on Sunday for Brayden Ramsey, who was 1 year old on Monday, February 23. The party was held in the home of his parents, Jason and Christine Ramsey. Landon is his big brother. Other relatives were in attendance, including his grandparents.

Jennifer Lowman of Florida visited with her parents, Skip and Jean Kies, over the weekend.

Birthday wishes to Mike Hinckle, Orlando, Fla., February 19; Teresa Knepper, February 24; Elwood Gallagher, February 26; Myles Gress, February 27; Rudy Mihalick, March 1; Howard Tomlison, March 1; Dot Peck, March 1; Stephanie Paylor and Blanche Mellott, February 25.

Lois McGowan of Hustontown has returned home after having surgery and spending two weeks in Fulton County Medical Center.

The ladies birthday group celebrated Joyce Washabaugh's birthday on Thursday night at the American Legion.

Public Opinion Athlete of the Week was Lacey Beatty, who plays guard for the Southern Fulton basketball team. She also runs track and cross-country for the Indians. She is a sophomore and the daughter of Todd and Billie Jo Beatty.

Thelma Grissinger was admitted to Fulton County Medical Center last week.

Jen Eckert had a luncheon on Thursday for the ladies of the Harrisonville Holiness Church. Jen and her husband, Pastor Paul, recently moved to this area from Ohio. They are the parents of two daughters.

Tanner Henry was named to the Public Opinion weekly honor roll for basketball at Forbes Road.

Kay McBeath is now a patient in Chambersburg Hospital, Room 408, and is improving a little each day.

Quotable quotes: Laughter is your most powerful weapon on a gloomy winter day.

It happened this week: Tootsie rolls first appeared on U.S. store shelves in 1896. The candy has been part of U.S. military rations since World War I.

Country shortcuts: To clean window blinds dampen the bristles of a clean paintbrush with white vinegar and slide the brush between each slot. The bristles scoop up the dirt, while the vinegar shines the slats.

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