2009-02-26 / Church News

In Memory

SEVILLE SEVILLE In memory of Betty Gamble, who passed away December 31, 2007:

People don'e realize what they have or had until it's gone. I am not referring to material things, but people such as your loved ones, especially your parents. People take these people for granted. They seem to act as though these people will be around forever, when they won't. There will come a time when we all must say goodbye.

Some families only get together when there is a death in the family. Sometimes this is due to the fact that they don't get along or let money and wealth come between them. That is too bad.

My mother, Betty Gamble, passed away December 31, 2007. I was fortunate enough to get to see her and tell her I loved her before she died.

She and her brothers and sisters, as well as me and my three brothers, all grew up in the country without electricity, which I am proud of.

My mother's birthday was February 9, the same month as mine. My birthday is nine days later. She will be missed.

Pete Seville


SHORE SHORE In remembrance of our mother, Mary Ellen Smith, who passed away February 20, 2000:

Thinking of you from the first minute of the day to the last of the night, our thoughts are filled with memories of you. We're counting the minutes until we can see you again.

Missed by,

Daughters, sons, grandchildren and great-grandchildren

In memory of our father and grandfather Mervin E. Shore, April 7, 1941 - February 28, 2006:

If Roses Grow In Heaven If roses grow in heaven Lord Please pick a bunch for us Place them in our father's arms And tell him they're from us Tell him we love him And miss him And when he turns to smile Place a kiss upon his cheek And hold him for a while Remembering him is easy We do it every day But there is an ache within our heart That will never go away.

Until we meet again, Sons: Steve, Dick and Greg

Grandson: Steven Michael

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