2009-02-19 / Local & State

Pa. State Police Trooper Sues Boss For Harassment

SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) - A Pennsylvania State Police trooper claims he was harassed after he refused to use police computers to snoop on the new boyfriend of a superior's estranged wife.

Lt. Rodney Witherite filed a federal lawsuit earlier this month in Scranton against the superior, Maj. John Duignan, and nine other officials.

Witherite says he suffered more than two years of bogus internal investigations against him that began after he refused Duignan's request to run computer checks on his wife's boyfriend.

Attorney Don Bailey says Witherite's mistreatment was part of a pattern in which state police brass use internal investigations to intimidate underlings.

A state police spokeswoman declined to comment, saying she couldn't talk about pending litigation.

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