2009-02-19 / Letters

Recycle Properly

To The Editor:

After reading the letter to the editor about recycling bins being filled with items that are not recyclable, I am concerned that Fulton County could lose a great benefit to this community. People that are using the bins to recycle have reduced their garbage (trash) reduction by 50 percent to 75 percent. This is reducing the amount of trash in our local landfill, which slows down the need to expand the landfill or build a new landfill next door to your house. And there are many more benefits of recycling.

I believe many people are unaware of what exactly is recyclable and what is not. To help people understand what materials they should and should not put in the bins, they can go to the Web site www.friendsoflittleaughwick.org and click on the "Recycle" page. Feel free to browse the Web page to find what other items can be recycled and where. So, before taking items to the recycle bins, please check the Web site to make sure that you are putting the proper items in. We cannot afford to lose this program.

Derrick Winegardner

Fort Littleton

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