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Missing Man Case Remains Active

State police, fire company search wells for body of Revell Jeeter
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

Revell Jeeter Revell Jeeter An ongoing rumor that the body of missing Harrisonville resident Revell Reuben Jeeter was actually one of two individuals hidden in a well located not far from his home on Buck Road was laid to rest over the weekend.

A search crew comprised of local state police officers and fire company volunteers drained dry not one but two wells along Back Hollow Road in Licking Creek Township Saturday with hopes of either validating or dispelling the story that began circulating heavily throughout Licking Creek Township in recent months.

Jeeter disappeared almost six years ago after failing to show up at a get-together with friends in Adams County. The last known sighting of the then 59- year-old man was on July 14, 2003, at a Lincoln Way East, Mc- Connellsburg-based business where Jeeter reportedly purchased steaks for himself and his Jack Russell terrier, Bubba.

Numerous leads have been followed up over the years by Pennsylvania State Police investigators at the McConnellsburg barracks, including a search that occurred in mid- April 2008 shortly after the arrest of convicted attempted murderer Greg Rouzer, also of Harrisonville.

According to state police reports at the time, both Rouzer and his father, Kenneth Vernon Rouzer, had alluded to the possible whereabouts of Jeeter's body. Neither man implicated themselves in providing the information to state police but did give enough details for the search to resume. As a result, state police aided by the K-9 unit spent several days scouring a property adjacent to Jeeter's home.

The most recent search on Valentine's Day, February 14, included pumping water from two hand-dug wells approximately 18 feet in depth. McConnellsburg Crime Unit Cpl. William Baker stated one well spanned five feet across the mouth, allowing easier access by fire company officials. The remaining well, that was likely utilized to supply water to a nearby barn, was only 18 inches across the top.

The wells along Back Hollow Road are on a parcel of proper- ty belonging to a resident of neighboring Franklin County. The landowner, Baker said, is not currently a suspect in Jeeter's disappearance nor had he ever been. In fact, Baker further related the man was not only very cooperative with their investigation over the weekend but wanted to be on hand when members of the McConnellsburg Volunteer Fire Co. lended their services in pumping both wells to within inches of being dry.

The state police corporal said a member of the fire company, who donned safety and protective apparatus, volunteered to be sent down into the larger of the two wells. The bottom of the well was visible to those atop as well as the firefighter within the confines of the well. The only items found in that particular well were several boards that had fallen in over the years. They were moved to ensure nothing lay beneath them.

"We did not find any evidence of a body in either well," stated Baker, who along with fellow investigators remain hopeful that the case of Revell Jeeter will someday be successfully resolved. Other state police officials on the scene aiding in the February 14 search were troopers Richard Cutchall and Ed Stasko.

"We followed up on what was nothing more than speculation, and hopefully we've dispelled the rumors that Revell is inside this landowner's well along with another body," Baker said. As making a false report to law enforcement officials is a crime, the possibility exists that state police could begin tracing the origin of these unsubstantiated rumors.

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