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Burdette Publishes Book Of Poetry

First volume speaks of nature, religion and life
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

Ginny Burdette Ginny Burdette Heavily influenced by her grandmother, Warfordsburg area resident Virginia Burdette finds the minutes and hours of her days days filled with words. Words reflecting on the status of the world today, spirituality and love.

Burdette, better known to her family and friends as Ginny, recently released these compilations of words to the public through her first publication with Publish America known as "Ginny's Book of Poetry."

"My grandmother was a devout Christian. She encouraged me to write as a child. I never knew that it would go anywhere," related Burdette, who is a native of Greenville, Miss., but relocated to neighboring Franklin County at the age of one. She most recently moved to Nature Lane in Bethel Township approximately one year ago where she resides with family and perfects the words she hopes will bring joy into someone's life.

In spite of considering herself a lifelong writer, Burdette stated that many of her original works were lost during a move. She finished penning the poems that are included in her first work nine years ago and was fortunate to receive kind and friendly encouragement that fueled her recent push to find an interested publisher.

"My book is spiritual and reflects how the world is today," Burdette told the "News." "We're all seeking for something - spiritual or positive knowledge to help us get through the life. I believe we are living in perilous times today with the rapid increase of violence, corruption, murder and crimes."

"Ginny's Book of Poetry" includes at least 100 original pieces with titles ranging from "Love Can Last" and "Three Wishes" to "Broken Spirit" that attest to the trials and tests of Burdette's life.

As a follow-up to "Ginny's Book of Poetry," Burdette's second volume of poems, which she hopes to entitle "Ginny's World of Poetry," is due out in June. In addition, a children's book based on the antics of her nephew as well as dog and pony sidekicks will likely be released this fall by Publish America, a traditional advance and royalty-paying book publishing company based near Frederick, Md., that represents almost 35,000 authors.

"Poetry has meaning whether it be spiritual or not. A lot of people have told me already that my poetry contains a lot of meaning and has made them cry," added Burdette, who has been travelling around the tri-state area doing book signings and speaking about her words of inspiration. Her most recent signing occurred at the Appletree Inn along the National Pike just west of Hancock, Md.

Burdette's book can be purchased through Publish America online as well as other wholesale stores or by calling the company directly at 301-695-1707 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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