2009-02-12 / Letters

A Fitting Poem For The Times

To The Editor:

This poem is timely. It is a poem learned 80 years ago, as I can best remember it.

Tax The Farmer

Tax the people tax with care To help the millionaire How? Why tax the farmer? Tax his house and tax his land And tax the blister on his hand Tax his cow and tax her calf Tax him if he dares to laugh. Tax his ox and tax his ass And tax the roads that he must pass Then make him travel on the grass. Tax his chair and tax his bed And tax the bald spot on his head Tax the air that he must breathe And even tax his honey bees. Tax his straw And tax his hay And tax the weeds he didn't spray, Tax the hammock that he made And tax the tree that gives him shade. Tax his mortgages, check and bills Tax his deeds, contracts and wills. Tax the gas to run his car And also the beer he drank at the bar And if he gets drunk Throw him in jail And tax the money that pays his bail. Tax his healthcare and if dies Then tax the coffin in which he lies And when he ascends to heaven by goal Try your best to stick a stamp on his soul. For he is such a common man So tax the rascal all you can. Wallace A. Mellott McConnellsburg

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