2009-02-12 / Letters

Help Get State Health Care Bill Passed

To the Editor

The high cost of health care (and health insurance) is a frightening expense for every household and business in Fulton County. An article on page B1 of last week's Fulton County News stated that over a million people in Pennsylvania alone have no health insurance, citing a survey conducted by the state Insurance Department. According to that survey, 13 percent of the people in Fulton County, 1,265 individuals, have no medical coverage at all.

We all know people who need to see a doctor but stay away ... because they can't afford it. Health care expense is the most common cause of household bankruptcy all over America. It doesn't have to be this way.

The Pennsylvania Legislature will shortly consider a bill which, if passed, will make these problems a thing of the past. It's called the "The Family & Business Health Care Security Act" and would cover every person in Pennsylvania with the care they need. Under this act, a single payer fund will pay the bills while you continue to choose your own doctor. It will save businesses, households, government agencies and individuals money. We call it Sensible Health Care.

This bill covers a wide range of care - medical, dental, vision, hearing, emergency transport, hospice, long-term, prescription drugs and more.

Please urge Pa. Rep. Dick Hess and Pa. Sen. John Eichelberger to help get this bill passed. You can learn more about this bill at the Web site: healthcare4allpa.org, or you can call 717 295-0237 statewide, or call us locally at 485-3386.

Jack and Kathie

Hendricks McConnellsburg

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