2009-02-12 / Features

Pa. Gov. To Testify At Former State Senator's Trial

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell is expected to testify Monday at the federal corruption trial of a former state senator.

Rendell will take the stand for Vincent Fumo's defense team. The defense plans to ask Rendell to testify about how the two powerful Philadelphia Democrats worked together.

Fumo is accused of misusing millions of dollars that belonged to the state, a maritime museum and a nonprofit community group. He was long one of the Legislature's most powerful figures before deciding not to seek re-election last year.

Fumo and Rendell are not considered close political allies. Last year, Rendell endorsed Fumo for another term, despite the indictment. But Fumo decided not to run.

Fumo, a multimillionaire banker and lawyer, has beaten criminal charges twice before.

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