2009-02-05 / Letters

Road Needs A 911 Name

Dear Editor,

In the interest of public safety, the legal road or Cito entrance/ exit into the rear of the Penn's Village has no name for emergency reporting to 911 if you call for help or have an accident as the road does not exist!

Someone in the boro or county should find and post on a street sign saying exactly what the name is and also start to care for this dangerous road or alley with extreme ice and pothole infested throwback that does not even seem to meet legal width for proper passage!

Women and small children are forced to do a "Don't Hit Me Dance" as they try to walk in and out of there to go to the remaining stores as well as trying not to be hit by sliding cars on the underkept lot that the boro should take over and maintain to protect the public at large as the current owner/s appear confused as what to do, how to maintain and to properly name the rear road!

Here is a suggested official name: "Risky Way Road!"

Glenn Morris McConnellsburg

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