2009-01-29 / Obituaries

In Memory

BURRALL In loving memory of Richard Burrall, who passed away January 28, 2008: We wish we could see you One more time Come walking through the door But we know that is impossible We know you can feel our tears And you don't want us to cry Yet we can't understand why We pray that God Will give us strength And somehow get us through As we struggle each day. Love Your family BUTERBUAGH In memory of Ronald "Buss" Buterbaugh: Gone are the days we used to share But in our hearts you are always there The gates of memories will never close We miss you more than anyone knows With tender love and deep regret We who love you Will never forget Happy birthday, we love you, Mom, sister, brothers


In remembrance of Patricia Foust, who was the beacon of light guiding our way. We thank God for your example while here to carry us forward, and for the light burning within us still. It burns brighter as we hold ourselves up by the example you set for us! You are missed immensely, especially at this time of the year, the day God graced the earth with your pressence, January 29, 1941.

Love you Mom!

Love you, Patricia! Love you, Grammie!

Love you, Aunt Pat!

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