2009-01-29 / Letters

Some Questions About Our Economy

To The Editor:

Is there anyone else besides me getting fed up with the disturbing news every day?

Every day we hear the same horrid "lines" - recession, depression, inflation, deflation, housing bubbles, new world order, foreclosures, unemployment, reduced pensions, etc., local jobs moved, Fulton Co. unemployment rate highest in the state.

I read in a magazine from 2006 the same words. So, just how long has this actually been going on? Who is controlling the government?

Our hard-earned tax dollars are going out the window. We see where there are bailouts for banks, automakers, etc. No bailouts for the "backbone of the country," which are the taxpayers.

The economy is sick. That was the one-liner I read the other day. Maybe they haven't given them enough injections of that "green stuff."

How come more foreclosures are occurring? It was in the paper the other day: "Foreclosures up 81 percent." How did that happen when the government said they ordered banks to stop foreclosures?

Pensions - you know, those nest eggs people have been participating in for years. Well, a guy goes out and works 50 years and it's time for him to retire. He ends up with a few measley dollars for all those years' contributions.

I believe the economy isn't sick. I believe it's the perpetrators behind all this that are sick.

People want to get a car loan and they're declined even though their credit is good. How's that guy going to get to work?

People applying for home loans and being refused, but who also have good credit.

This doesn't seem to make a lot of sense.

Maybe if you don't have a car to get to work, you'll lose your job. If you don't have a job maybe you'll lose your home. Then we'll have more foreclosures on he market.

Grocery prices just didn't increase. Have you noticed smaller portions? Open a can of veggies, tuna or whatever, there's half a can instead of a full one. It's the same for cereal - the box's contents are less.

How come we got gas for less when for the longest time it was more?

They say people are putting their money in piggy banks and not spending.

Sounds like the consumers are the blame for this "sickly" economy.

Did it ever occur to these wealthy people who make these statements that not everyone is in the same position as they are to overspend?

A lot of Fulton countians live from one payday to the next. They pay their bills and they are broke.

Instead of trying to get people to spend money they don't have, use the same energy to produce jobs in this area!

A lot of hard-earned tax dollars have been wasted. Buy the papers and educate yourself.

The rich steal from the poor so they can get richer.

I always thought you should help the poor.

If anyone is having problems with their mortgage, please contact me: Deb Scott, 3664 Laurel Ridge Road, Big Cove Tannery, PA 17212.

Debra Scott Big Cove Tannery

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