2009-01-22 / Local & State

Falconer Asks For Help Finding Missing Bird

MIDDLEBURG, Pa. (AP) - A master falconer in central Pennsylvania is asking people in the area to keep an "eagle eye'' out for his missing hawk.

Mike Dupuy has been searching in the snow, wind and cold for the past two weeks for Hanna, a 1-year-old falcon he has had since her birth.

The hawk is trained to hunt for small game and return to Dupuy. She escaped from her house in Middlesburg, about 50 miles north of Harrisburg.

Dupuy says Hanna may be hungry, and his fear is that someone will shoot her. He's offering a reward and will provide reimbursement if she causes any harm to livestock.

Dupuy said Hanna is wearing anklets and leg straps and she isn't afraid of people.

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