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Old MHS To Change Ownership

Central Fulton School Board approves transfer
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

Ownership of the old Mc- Connellsburg High School is slated to change hands once again on the heels of action taken by the Central Fulton School Board early last week.

District solicitor James Schall and board member Robert Snyder II publicly shared last Tuesday that the McConnellsburg Lions Club is interested in deeding ownership of the old high school to the McConnellsburg Alumni and Friends Association. The Lions Club took over the facility from the McConnellsburg Jaycees more than five years ago in hopes of turning the facility into a recreational center of sorts.

In accordance with stipulations set forth in the Lions Club deed, the school district reserved the first right of refusal in the event the Lions Club ever wished to transfer ownership. In addition, the deed transaction could be denied in the event the building would be renovated into an education center.

Attorney Schall stated if the ownership transfer was approved by the board, many of the same stipulations could be maintained in order to retain control over the building and ensure nothing detrimental would happen to McConnellsburg students.

In hearing Schall and Snyder's comments, the board unanimously agreed to allow the ownership of the facility to be transferred to the Alumni and Friends Association. The organization intends to move forward with the Lions Club's former plans of operating the facility as a recreational center.


Cafeteria employee Kathy Hedrick was authorized to take a leave of absence for approximately four to six weeks retroactive to December 12. The leave is in conjunction with the Family Medical Leave Act.

Clifford Glunt of the maintenance department will begin a six-week leave February 10 under the Family Medical Leave Act.

Ellen Wagner, cafeteria employee, had a request approved for two days without pay on February 24 and 25 for the purpose of extended travel.

The board accepted the resignation of special education aide Joan D. Mellott of Mc- Connellsburg retroactive to December 31. Mellott will be required to follow the district's educational agreement for supportive staffing in reimbursing the district college tuition fees.

Mellott was replaced by Rebecca Helser of McCon-nellsburg, who has been serving as an instructional aide on an extended basis since the start of the 2008-09 school year. Helser's position will include 6.5 hours per day for 184 days at an prorated hourly rate of $7.40 plus benefits.

Mellott, however, was added to the professional substitute list. Her clearances are in order and have been submitted to the district.

Timmy L. Strait, also of Mc- Connellsburg, was placed on the maintenance and custodial substitute list pending the receipt of all necessary clearances.

Rachel Lane, head cheerleading coach, was approved to receive a salary of $2,560 in accordance with step one on the extracurricular salary scale. Meanwhile, head track and field coach Joni Dunkle will receive $2,510 for her duties. Dunkle's salary also falls under step one.


Chambersburg route #033 contracted to Lynn C. Reeder saw an increase in daily rate retroactive to November 11. Reeder's rate was altered from $180.96 to $183.28 by adding another student to his roster.

Lynda S. Strait's #025 route for K-4 students was adjusted from $113.34 daily to $121.67 effective December 9 due to an extension to the route for picking up a new student.

Reeder's life skills route #036 saw an increase in daily pay between December 15 and December 23. The change, which increased his pay from $77.21 to $82.84, was a result of a student needing short-term special transportation due to leg surgery.

Jamie and Wendy Laughlin replaced their 1999 Dodge Durango with a 1992 Chevrolet Astro Van on December 4. The change on route #017 will not alter the couple's daily rate.

The district entered into a contract with Sandy Deck Transportation of Harrisonville at a low bid rate of $1.07 per mile, which equates to $231.55 daily. Retroactive to January 5, the contractor will provide transportation to the Tuscarora Blended Learning Charter School.

The hourly rate for the dis- trict's security guard position was unanimously increased from $7.15 to $7.40 per hour.


The board heard brief statements from Charles Frame of Boyer & Ritter, certified public accountants, regarding the outcome of the audit for the year ending June 30, 2008. Frame summarized the audit resulted in a clean opinion, which is the best opinion given on financial statements. Frame's financial statements for 2007-08 were approved and made a matter of school record.

Business manager Jolinda Wilson followed up on Frame's statements and provided the board with additional information on internal control issues within her office, budget versus actual and expenditures.

Approval was granted for the submission of the Early Head Start grant application as prepared by the Fulton County Center for Families.

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