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More On Fort Littleton's EDUs, Churchill And FDR

To The Editor:

An EDU, or environmental disposal unit, is an acronym the sewer engineers, the DEP and all in the revenue-generating environment game folks created to help simplify things for us common folk. It is another way of saying toilet, commode, head, porcelain convenience, etc. Since the acronym itself is totally ridiculous, I thought it was a little clever using it in a letter that was completely sarcastic. Fact is, here in Fort Littleton it costs $3.78 to flush the EDU per day, 365 days per year (even when we're on vacation or away). The ER (environmental refuge) that the EDU collects and distributes is piped, pumped and handled top drawer, 24/7, with no adjustments possible to economic conditions or folks' ability to pay their bills. I have been told that the "toxic" ER (which for years has been masterfully decomposed and recycled as earth) is almost converted back into to tap water (through the wonderment of man's exuberantly expensive technology). You could practically make a pot of tea with, we're told, before it's dumped into our local, pristine trout stream. The heck with the mortgage, the heck with the food, our ER from the EDU is #1 here in F. L.

Considering the economy and all that is happening in the world, I hope the multi-million-dollar system, serving a few dozen EDUs in Fort Littleton, would seem as utterly, fraudulently wasteful now as has been obvious to the majority of the residents since the project's curious conception based on questionable need.

By the way, is anyone still living in Burnt Cabins? A supervisor told me that Burnt Cabins would be condemned by now without a contraption to capture the ER from their EDUs, resulting in all the homes being left vacant because they slipped out from under the sewer guillotine. I thought for sure I saw lights on when I went past the other day. More utter ridiculousness, consistent with everything sewer.

Anyway, sorry to all and Mr. Mosebey about the Winston Churchill Freudian slip. I have been reading a collection of letters about the Battle of Britain, and I had Churchill on the brain. I suppose it was a error to remind me of how much I miss my late editor. Mom would have never allowed me to make such an oversight. However, the purpose of reiterating the quote remains the same regarding my resolute belief in our country as the greatest on Earth and the faith that we can get through this current mess.

Damon Schoen

Fort Littleton

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