2009-01-08 / Local & State

New Ultrasound Equipment At Medical Center Produces 4D Images

Volume Ultrasound reduces exam times

Patients can now benefit from a new medical imaging technique called Volume Ultrasound that will help physicians at Fulton County Medical Center quickly and precisely perform general imaging in a broad range of clinical applications from abdominal and breast to vascular imaging.

Volume Ultrasound produces high-definition, multi-dimensional images that can be viewed in any plane and in real-time modes which was previously not possible with traditional ultrasound techniques.

"The images created by our new Volume Ultrasound system will, for example, enable our staff to better visualize and measure the size, shape, location and volume of a lesion, helping our physicians to conduct a more thorough evaluation of the patient," said Jason Goshorn, director of diagnostic services. "Now, our physicians have realtime techniques for acquiring, optimizing and navigating volumetric images so that we can make clinical decisions with unprecedented confidence."

FCMC's new Volume Ultrasound capabilities are enabled by the newly installed LOGIQ 9 ultrasound system from GE Healthcare. With LOGIQ 9, clinicians can acquire and construct volumetric images at tremendous speeds - enabling the scan of an entire organ, such as a kidney or liver, within seconds. These images can then be displayed and navigated in a "movie" mode either during or after the exam. The system also provides physicians a "multi-planar" view that allows them to compare several different perspectives of an organ at once.

"The clarity and versatility of volume images may improve several aspects of the diagnostic process, but none more important than the ability to do a 'virtual rescan' after the patient has gone home," stated radiologist Dr. Frank D'Amelio. "We can now rotate, zoom, colorize, create new views and otherwise manipulate the raw scan data that was collected to evaluate the anatomy and surrounding tissues to rule out any concerns. This helps patients avoid having to return for more imaging."

"The virtual rescan technology also enables FCMC to provide patients with multiple experts' opinions without patients making multiple office visits," said D'Amelio.

In addition, physicians at FCMC are able to reduce patient exam times significantly using Volume Ultrasound, which is beneficial to patients who are in pain, or in emergency care when every minute counts.

This equipment upgrade is one of five new equipment purchases that will take place this year at the FCMC. The new equipment purchases are made possible through a HRSA grant supported by both U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter and Congressman Bill Shuster. Grants like these continue to allow rural healthcare providers to acquire muchneeded technology and equipment upgrades.

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