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Stop Discarding Pets As If They Are Trash

To The Editor:

I write this letter with much sadness in my heart because on New Year's Eve 2008 I witnessed a most despicable act. While traveling on Route 30 east approaching the first turn of Tuscarora Summit, I noticed a car pull off to the side of the road briefly and the back door open and close quickly. I could not identify the make or model of the car, but as I approached the area where it had stopped, I couldn't believe my eyes.

On this brutally cold day with wind chill in single digits, there on the side of the road sat a tiny, shivering, frightened dog huddled against the guardrail as if it had just been dropped off like a bag of trash. This tiny dog would not have lived through the night if he had to spend it outside on Tuscarora Summit.

I quickly turned my vehicle around, fearing all the while that he would be hit by another car before I could get back to rescue him. I approached this tiny creature and he barked at me, but then rolled on his back as if asking me to rub his little stomach. I picked him up and wrapped him in a blanket inside my vehicle and held him on my lap until he stopped shivering. I took him home with me and made him warm and comfortable beside the pellet stove, while giving him food and water. He had the appetite of a horse and quickly finished off a bowl of water.

As I examined him I could see that he had not been properly cared for, with briars clinging to his underside and matted fur. He was quite thin and appeared to be dehydrated. He was extremely lovable and desired my undivided attention. He spent a very comfortable night and slept well.

On New Year's Day in the morning, I knew I had to find a loving home for this dog, because I could not keep him myself. As I have done numerous times before, I called on my friend, Samantha Frey, founder of Greener Pastures No-Kill Animal Rescue in Marion. Samantha admitted she is filled to capacity, but agreed without hesitation to give this dog a loving place to call home within her home. I had no doubt that he would receive the best care that any dog would crave while living with Samantha Frey.

When we arrived, she greeted us as all of the other dogs and cats followed to see the new resident as we made our way into the house. When Samantha saw this adorable, lovable dog, I could tell it was love at first sight. As she always does and as I have learned is her mission in life, she told me she would have this dog bathed, groomed and examined by a veterinarian tomorrow, and would promise that she would care for him for the rest of his life or until a loving person would adopt him. I have come to know Samantha and to call her a friend. Her commitment to rescuing, caring for and finding good homes for animals is like no other I have seen.

Fulton County needs a fulltime animal control officer as well as a shelter right here within the county. We cannot continue to depend on Franklin or Bedford County personnel and resources to meet the needs here. Funding sources have been depleted and the current economic forecast appears dismal. Please become involved, step up and make a difference in the lives of animals.

In closing, I ask that you make a contribution to Greener Pastures on behalf of the animals that arrive there daily in need of veterinary care and items to sustain them while living at the farm. If you are blessed with the gift of technology, Greener Pastures would love to have a Web site designed to provide information on the worldwide Web and provide updates on the animals and happenings both in Franklin and Fulton counties. If you are a Web designer or know a Web designer willing to donate the time and resources to create such a site, please contact Samantha or me.

If you are looking for a New Year's resolution and you are financially able to contribute or if you can provide much-needed supplies, please make a difference in the life of one of God's creatures. He will richly reward your effort. Jennifer Sharpe McConnellsburg Greener Pastures (located on Social Island Road) P.O. Box 278 Marion, PA 17235 717-375-2980

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